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    Any Fix to Clan App/Update or Web site available for support Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2

      Hello All, Checking the Current list of Compatiable devices my phone is currently listed

      the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, my phone is running 4.2.2 the list shows 4.2.3 and above.

      Wow really, is there going to be any additions to this list or a change of the app to work

      with our phones. The Ghost Clan App from google play store say's Andriod device's 2.3.3

      and higher which mine is which makes this very confusing. I am a clan leader left in limbo

      without a website on the computer to even manage. When and will there be any clan access

      to ghost via computer. Please advise as soon as possible as I can see this is a severe issue

      with this new COD and I can see Im not the only one obviously but it is concerning due to

      the time and effort and of course the cost of the game itself. No one is going to buy new phones

      just to get the app to work. It also states on the ghost clan app compatibililty that ANY Android Mobil,

      which is not the case due to the difference in running 4.2.2 and the 4.2.3 that is shown on the list.


      Please Advice and thank you for your time

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