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    Looking for PS3 Clan

      Looking for a PS3 clan

      im a good team player and loving helping my team

      my PSN is DarKnFaDeD

      im online Now

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          Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

          We are looking for adults only, with a mic, and must have facebook to participate in group chat. We are recruiting for members on the PS3 system and the PS4 system. (If you plan to play on both that's fine too) We do not have a Kill/Death Ratio reuquirement to join. Our commander is a solid 2.80+ player. We play mainly on Team Deathmatch and/or Domination. We will also be participating in clan wars when it releases in a couple weeks. We are a part of a large online gaming association that runs leagues and clans on a vast number of games for the PS3 and PS4, so we know what we are doing and have been doing it for quite awhile. When it comes to COD were a bunch of hardworking guys who like to get together and kill people, we take our losses like men and go back out and win the next round. In the few days since the game dropped we were already able to log enough hours gaming with just a few of us and ranked our clan up to level 4. You can check out our site and rosters at sgtdillon.wix.com/callofdutyghosts If you are interested in joining KeepCalmCh1veOn for either system message markallen2011 (Recruiter/PS4 VP), showman9872 (PS3 VP), or darkjedi769 (Commander) on the psn. Chive On!!!


          We currently have 11 members and are about to hit clan level 6

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            Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

            Legendary Lions recruiting for ghosts. We are an established clan of mature gamer's , we play to win , we all have positive scores in all game modes. You must be 21 and over have a headset, be able to speak English and communicate with other team members. We learn all call outs and have a great team of admins to help and give you fantastic advice..We have gold clan tag which is simply R04R. To join follow the link and APPLY


            Youtube video link

            We are the legendary lions - YouTube

            If your not sure what to do, add me on ps3 Stub-_-Toe

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              Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

              Ghostly Legends is a small clan looking for more members PSN name Six_Gun_Willie all are welcome i hope too see u on the battle field soon

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                Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                Check out Veritas Gaming!



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                  Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                  Clutch Calvary is recruiting cool people who play to win and have fun We always rack up the killstreaks and still slide the win out. Message either Austin1793 or Robert0013 to play with us.

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                    Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                    Check out (PS3 // English) [myR] myRevenge e.V. to maybe become one of the pro-players on the competitive team!

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                      Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                      Hey if your still looking for a clan I have a small clan that has some fun and there is no requirements send me a friend request with "clan" dropemdead97

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                        Re: Looking for PS3 Clan



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                          Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                          Ghostly Legends is a small clan

                          Looking for more members

                          all are welcome here

                          PSN ( Six_Gun_Willie  ) for clan invite / friend invite

                          LVL 3 CLAN ( 20 members )

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                            Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                            2G4U is recruiting for Clan Wars. We're looking for good active players to help us out. We were 1st place but we're falling behind due to inactive players. We play various game modes such as Domination, TDM, Cranked, Blitz & Kill Confirmed. We're looking for good players that are well-rounded in the game modes we play for Clan Wars. Here's our requirements:

                            1. Must have a 2.00 KD or higher.
                            2. Must have a mic and use it for call outs
                            3. Must play as a team. (We play as a team, we'll end up on top).
                            4. We have zero tolerance for negative attitude during games. (e.i. If we're losing, and you keep complaining if we're not defending or helping out). Trust us, we're trying. Please use positive attitude in order to motivate other clan mates to do better.
                            5. Must be at least 18 years of age. 17 is okay. (If you're annoying as ****, you'll be kicked. No questions asked.
                            6. Must compete in Clan Wars.
                            7. Must have the Call of Duty app. (e.i. If you wanna go after objectives on your own, or get help by your friends or other clan mates. By all means, go right ahead cause sometimes we won't have room in the party for everyone). But afterwards, message the leader how many wins you got so far.


                            If you're interested in joining 2G4U cause applying is so simple! All you have to do is message the Lt. Commander or the Leader himself.

                            There PSNs:

                            Leader: HERBANBASSTECH

                            Lt. Commander: iRoyaL-xD

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                              Re: Looking for PS3 Clan



                              United Gamer Alliance


                                UGAlliance is a gaming community/clan looking for members who’d like to join. UGA has just opened shop and has a Division for CoD: Ghosts specific. I was with my previous clan for over three years and wanted to open a new clan with the help of my friend Corvo. Together we are wanting to provide other “like-minded” members a place to call home for their CoD: Ghosts needs. We also have plans to have at least three game nights per-week. This is to have a scheduled time to meet outside of your busy life and have time to bond and have fun.


                              Q) What games do we support?
                              A) We support only CoD: Ghosts GTA V and Battlefield 4


                              Q) Does UGAlliance play other games than Division based games?
                                A) Yes, we play The Last of Us (wanting to turn this one into a division) as well as Bad Company 2. We’d like to fit BO2 and BF3 in as well.


                              Q) Is UGAlliance a structured type of clan?
                              A) Yes, UGA is a structured clan with a CoC like the military uses. This has proven to be the best way for a clan to be successful and keeps members active. This also gives members a chance to rank up and lead their very own squad.


                              Q) Why are there Game Nights?
                              A) As most gamers are parents, servicemen in the military, or full time students, this gives us a chance to schedule days and times to meet up and play online together as a team.


                              Q) Are there squads or teams?
                              A) Yes, we have squads for each division we have in UGAlliance. Each squad will have their own scheduled game nights.


                              Q) what are UGA requirements for joining?
                              A) All members MUST have a mic and use it, be mature, and be at least 16 years or older.


                              Q) What systems does UGAlliance support?
                              A) UGAlliance only supports PS3 and will open up a PS4 side later in 2014.

                              If interested please visit http://www.ugalliance.com/

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                                Re: Looking for PS3 Clan

                                check out Shadow Company HQ. Minimum age of 16. No K/D requirements. Looking for like minded gamers.

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