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    Alienware M17x R4 i7-12GB RAM - 2GB Graphics - Game keeps crashing 2min into game



      At the beginning it was MEGA fps drops(freeze) for 1min, I can barely move then it would go super smooth for the rest of the match and then starts again at the beginning of every map.


      Now, almost a minute from when the match starts with the constant freezing the game crashes every time.

      Tried some stuff but no luck.


      Please help me find a solution.


      All my drivers / programs are up to date.

      Plus I noticed in the task manager that while ingame the RAM usage is around 2gb


      Alienware M17x R4

      i7-3820QM @ 2.70

      12GB RAM

      Radeon 7970m 2GB

      Win 7 - 64bit

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