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    One of 500: an open letter to Activision

      Dear Activision,


      whilst I am grateful for the "One of 500" promotion you had going and am certain lots of people greatly benefited from that generousity, I have to express my sincere disappointment how you and/or your respective promotion partners have handled the GamesCom promotion.


      We were told, on stage directly from the booth staff at GamesCom, that the first 500 visitors would get a free Prestige Edition for the platform of our choice. Nevermind that some trade visitors with official business were, unbeknownst to them, shorthandedly excluded (much to the relieve of normal visitors who wouldn't gain entry to the fair until one and a half hour later, so for what it's worth I am grateful for that decision) which already demonstrated a lack of communication, it turned out that contrary to what we were promised GamesCom "One of 500" winners never had the choice on what platform to get their copy of the game.


      As it turns out, after exactly ZERO communication, today I got a package with n XBox360 CoD:Ghosts Prestige Edition. And whilst I want to emphasize that I am not ungrateful ... what am I supposed to do with a XBox 360 edition?


      I don't have any consoles, nor will my financial situation or personal gaming preferences lead to me owning one for the foreseeable future. I play on PC.

      Secondly, I can not exchange my copy, because there is no PC equivalent.

      And last but not least, as it turns out Gamestop Germany does not accept special edition trade-ins for Call of Duty Ghosts, so I can't even trade it in at a loss to, say get enough store credit in Steam wallets to purchase the Digital Hardened Edition for PC from Steam.


      I won a 200 bucks worth paper weight. It's completely useless to me.





      To emphasize, my main criticism is the total lack of communication from Activision and/or partners.


      We were told after filling out the form, that approaching the games' release we'd recieve a confirmation eMail in which we'd be able to specify what platform we'd like to have the copy for.

      As it turned out that PC will not recieve any Prestige Editions, I had tried to contact Activision ta ask about PC players regarding the promotion. Nevermind that I hardly found any adresses I could try, the ones I did try to contact (including Activision Germany PR manager Christian Blendl) never even opened my eMails (I had enabled opening notification and recieved none).


      I had tried searching for news from Activision, but the whole thing appeared to be all hush-hush or otherwise shrouded in secrecy, as there was no information to be found past the original reveal and a list of participating fairs.


      I had tried getting informations via this forum (One of 500 - Prestige Edition: Question) and did also participated in similarily spirited topics throughout the Activision forum.



      Not a single bit of information to be found, no statements, no adresses, nothing.




      And before anyone would claim me being ungrateful or expecting too much of free stuff:

      Had I known it turned out a XBox360-only promotion, I'd have saved myself the rather unpleasant morning of nearly being squashed by hundreds of impatient CoD fans (it was like a stampede!).

      Also, I'd have simply pre-ordered the game for PC (meaning monetary revenue for Activision, not negative publicity like now) and would have been able to actually play the game (theoretically, given current technical problems).

      And more importantly, we were lead to believe and as told explicitly promised we'd have a choice, which turned out not to be the case.






      All in all, Activision, I am disappoint.