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        140. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

        You should post it in the HC challenge thread.  It totally qualifies.


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          141. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

          Nah im good, im afraid if i post it guys will just be like "spawn trap noob" and stuff. besides that sweet chain killer reward was good enough for me so i don't need to show off my achievements to the world just to try to look better than other people. because if u spend ur life looking at what other people are achieving when will u have time to achieve anything for urself.

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            142. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

            1 - the OP states not to criticize other people's game play, because that is not the point of the thread.

            2 - the point of the thread is not to look good, or bad.


            Your choice whether to post it or not, but you have missed the point.



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              143. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

              OK i understand but its just that this forum seems very hostile to me so i tend to not post up stuff much though i stand by the views and opinions i express when on this forum.

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                144. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                LOL thick skins and a cool temperament our crucial for most forum posting.  I actually gave a guy XOXOXO's today that was less than cordial to me in another thread.  It's cool if you don't want to post but know that while I may be the most frequent poster in this thread, I don't have the most impressive video in the thread.  The thread wasn't designed to only put up the most impressive gameplays but rather to share in game knowledge amongst our peers in order to help those that may be struggling to hit those higher streaks and to inspire those that may be able to hit those streaks with different perspectives/approaches.  I know that I've picked up a few tricks along the way from others that I've been able to add to my gameplay.

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                  145. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                  Hey I am the most mellow and calm person u will ever meet.and i just think that i should get better first before i post a lucky gameplay. and on a different note scorestreaks in this game are impossible to achieve for casual players like myself. i believe that if i had learned to play by myself rather than be carried by that waste of a clan KMB_GoG_ i would be a better player i admit part of the blame was on me but now i dont think i can come out of my horrible situation.

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                    146. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                    Keep your head up.  Honestly, while it is nice to have friends to play with if they are willing to show you the ropes, it can also be a big crutch in your development if they do too much for you.  Finding the right people to help you along the way will make the learning curve easier but make no mistake about it you will die frequently in the beginning.  What you need to keep in mind is that everybody outside of a very select few started out the very same way that you will.  So don't worry about it.  It's never too late to get good at CoD.  Every year the game changes and every year new people start playing it for the first time.  Anybody can become a good CoD player if they put the time in.  Even a casual player can do it if they learn from their deaths along the way.  I know as a clan leader, I've taken in a number of guys that struggled probably as much or worse than you have.  I'm talking 0.3-0.5 kd kind of guys.  However, with a little guidance and effort on their part those same guys have 1 - 1.2 kds today which is pretty good despite what anybody on Youtube might tell you.  Again it was nothing magical on my part that made the change for them.  Just a little advice along the way and their own interest that made it happen for them.  I think that is part of why I love this thread so much.  I've actually referenced it and the HC version in a number of other threads on the forum because it's just that, some helpful advice along the way for those that are interested in hearing it.

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                      147. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                      God I hear that! When I started I was the noob in the clan so my job was to take out air support (MW2). I would often go 10-/20+ lol.


                      I am still not a stellar player (from a score and streak perspective), but I can now hold my own (in fact, the only submission I have to either challenge is the HC one). 

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                        148. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                        ur a clan leader? what clan ? can i join please?

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                          149. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                          Not a clan leader, and I am not in the clan I referenced anymore.  However, the clan I am in now are a great bunch of people:



                          You can go there and register.


                          As well, if you simply wish to just play, we can do that as well (R-L-B-L). If your gamertag is the same, I will recognize you.

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