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        Being able to view/read the actual comic books as a reward for gathering all those collectibles was a really unique and creative feature Beenox did in TASM. I hope we'll see a return of that in their next Spider-Man games.

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          Now, that TASM2 has been confirmed, and the teaser's news reporter sounded like Whitney Chang (which would make it a direct sequel to the first game), hopefully the board will let go of the dream that movie-tie in games won't happen with each sequel and we can productively move forward toward discussion of these games and this series of games. Which, as TimFL274 said, was not "that bad".


          In fact, TASM is probably one of the better Spider-Man games that has come out...


          Likely, this game, too, will take place after the films. A great concept from the first outing, that allows the players to use establish characters from the films, without having to tie it in, simultaneously, to the events of the movie.


          So as I said, the game should be like.....this

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