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    Game ahead program - 360 and Xbox one combo for $69.99, when ?

      I saw this on the status page. This is about the digital only discless version of Ghosts with the liceneces for both the 360 AND the Xbox one for $69.99.


      I'm getting a "one" but, I know my friends wont have a one for a while and I would go back to the 360 to play with them (as no cross play or chat between the 360/One) but, want the One version to play the main story of the game (to see the better grapnics on the system) and when they all finally get a "one". This rules out Gamestop or another retailer because they want the 360 version back but, I need both and not willing to pay for both because of this program.


      They wrote that page over a month ago and there has been no updates on it, I tried facebook and twitter and just get the "stay tuned" reply.


      I wanted to pre-order this so I can have it ready to download the day it's released (and get the extra maps)for both systems and not have to worry about upgrading later.


      Does anyone have any info on this version, when I can order it and where ? I talked to the guys at gamestop and they looked like I had 4 heads....


      Any idea ?