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    Call Of Duty Ghost Delayed becuse of Royal Mail set to strike on November 4

      Royal Mail are getting set to strike on November 4. Now you may think to yourself what has this got to do with gaming, well...

      Looking at our release schedule perhaps one of the biggest games of the year is set to release on Tuesday November 5 - Call of Duty Ghosts!

      Obviously ShopTo are not currently stocking this game due to reasons we have talked about before, but this strike could potentially affect millions of gamers who will be waiting on the game to arrive.

      We are sure Activision will take the strike into consideration, however when Royal Mail goes on strike at one of the busiest times of the year, that means backlogs, so if the game doesn't hit doorsteps before the strike then it could potentially be delayed for longer than gamers would desire.

      Is this bad news for you? What's should Activision do?