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    Host disadvantage is a champion idea

      Seriously! what could be smarter then making the game basically unplayable for the host.

      Pure brilliance there hooray I love the host migration screen or even better the game just ending because the host dash boarded.

      Pure brilliance!!!.

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          Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

          Are you being sarcastic???

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            Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

            Dedi's are coming in about 3 weeks.  Problem solved for the next title anyway.

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                Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                phxs72 wrote:


                Dedi's are coming in about 3 weeks.  Problem solved for the next title anyway.

                NOT on the 360. ONLY on the XBOX One.

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                    Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                    Not true. Current gens for Ghosts. Check it out.



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                        Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                        According to past "rumors" the game was on dedis for a while in some areas. Only thing we noticed were no host migrations. Game still had lag issues.


                        BTW OP, this game does not have host disadvantage. They said that almost a year ago.

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                            Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                            They said it must be true than cause iam sure if it wasn't they would say by the way if you pull host then the games going to be unplayable.        


                            We don't need to prove anything the DLC sales low online players and the lower amount of pre orders for ghosts do it for us and believe you me they won't say it but they know it and its not just being host its the most inconsistent connection game ive ever played mainly due to crap matchmaking how does a lobby with people from all over the world all have 4 bars unless 4 bars in this game mean 100ms

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                              Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                              Yep I am aware. Had to change my name, I used to be BKBLAZER.


                              Just not being picked as host during the dedi rumors was enough for me to change my tone with the whole "host disadvantage" talk. But I certainly remember a time when I could relate 100% to the OP.


                              Not trying to get my blood pressure up over the topic since it hasn't been an issue for me lately, but what are you referring to with the "BTW OP, this game does not have host disadvantage. They said that almost a year ago.", statement? Treyarch said this?

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                                  Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                                  They said this in a twitter and that twitter post and other references of proof were mentioned MANY times. We have proven this MANY times that there is no host disadvantage. From players saying they dont see it to players saying they see an advantage as host.


                                  As for the other players statement that when you pull host the game is unplayable well how do you explain some people saying they get an ADVANTAGE as host. As well as we dont need the other posters tin foil hat theories around here of things that arent true.


                                  I am sorry but do you have the numbers of DLC sales that have dropped ? No. Did you notice that ALL online games the amount of players drop ? Because well lets see, maybe because OTHER games come out and people migrate over to theirs ? And COD Ghosts, do you also have the sales data of that game as well ? Or did you assume sales dropped because people are buying them for TWO consoles not one.


                                  Thats funny too how so few people are buying COD Ghosts when preorder sales are breaking records......


                                  http://www.qj.net/ps3/news/cod-ghosts-crushing-pre-order-sales-grand-theft-auto- v-was-massively-expensive-and-star-citiz…



                                  You may realize that some of this post wasnt directed at you Hattori.

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                                      Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                                      Well lets just say it could be a skewed perception then without factual evidence. I would imagine that hosting would have its advantages and disadvantages at any given time depending on the players in the lobby. So just because some players perceive an advantage as host, doesn't mean a host disadvantage can't exist.


                                      I can understand why players may believe in "host disadvantage" because I have been down the same road. WTF moment after WTF moment until I leave the game and see "hosts migrating". I'ld say this is the biggest reason for the theory. And I won't blame anyone for coming to that conclusion and expressing their discontent here.


                                      Now lets say we were on dedi's like some believe over the summer. WTF moment after WTF moment until I leave the game and there is no "hosts migrating". It would seem like there was no "host disadvantage". Tin foil hat removed.


                                      This is just my take on the subject. Just wish the powers that be could make a clear and concise explanation of why players have been so disgruntled with connectivity and hosting before the so called change around June. Preferably here on these forums.

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                                          Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                                          A host CAN be at an advantage and a host can be at a disadvantage. Doesnt mean it was coded into the game to give him one or not.


                                          Lets just assume that host disadvantage DID exist for a little bit . Lets also assume that everyone had the dedicated servers available over the summer.


                                          Wouldnt you think that there was no perception of host disadvantage because the game was having a stronger connection ? Connecting to a hosts Xbox is of course going to be a bit worse then connecting to an actual server. Hence the reason why it SEEMED the host had a disadvantage when all the host had was a poor connection when he was the host thru his Xbox.When you connect to a little box on top of the TV of course you are going to have some problems when connected to an entire wall rack full of computers. Computer do WAY better calculations then an Xbox. Last time PCs were close to consoles in comparison was way back in the days of the PS2.


                                          When you are connected to a dedicated server there actually is NO host (at least not like the old way)hence you couldnt see host advantage or disadvantage could you ? If you arent host then you couldnt see an advantage nor can you see a disadvantage .


                                          Now lets get back to reality. Only around 5 to 10 percent of the players connected to those dedicated servers in the summer, because it was a test. People in the game that didnt have connection to those servers still complained about being at a disadvantage.


                                          Then you got the players who STILL complained about lag issues without knowing either way if they were connected to those dedicated servers. People STILL complained about being at a host disadvantage, and half of these people just ASSUMED they were host and had no idea that they were host or not.


                                          So since I had a sucky game lets not blame just having a lousy connection. Lets not claim I just had my ass handed to me by a good team. Lets claim that I had the best connection to the world compared to all those other players. Lets claim I got the fastest internet so I shouldnt have been punished.


                                          Lets step it up even further and claim I was host and therefor since I was host I was automatically given host disadvantage on purpose by the game code.



                                          Lets take it even further and claim they never mentioned they updated the game code because they purposely designed a game with the worst lag compensation there is and they dont want to admt it.


                                          I know because I got proof I got a great connection because I went to speedtest and it says my connection is the best in the world and everyone else has a Walmart connection compared to my God-Like internet.


                                          Lets just ignore the fact that it takes TIME for my players data to get to the host using lousy UDP connections that are not very reliable. Lets totally ignore the fact that my packets are consistently being received out of order.



                                          Let blame my inability to adapt to other teams playstyle and blame the game instead.


                                          My "tin foil hat" statement was based on the other poster saying "if they said it then it must be true". Developers in this game have said may times where their are weakpoints in this game even though their words still get taken way out of context, they still admit faults. We dont need more people without a shred of proof throwing theories around. As I mentioned there are people also here that say they dont see a disadvantage and they actually see an advantage. Whether or not there is an advantage or a disadvantage is only opinion based on this forum. Hasnt been proven either way by the gamers. So we leave it where we have actual fact. Fact that the developers stated the is no host disadvantage.



                                          All smileys left out of this post because I was on a roll when I was typing.

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                              Re: Host disadvantage is a champion idea

                              In my area they've been using dedis so no issues there. Host connection is completely dependent on the other players. When they leave and new players pop in it also wreaks havoc with the connection. Add in all the ppl who mess with their connections and you get an idea of why it may seem there's a host disadvantage.


                              Just last night I was in a game where a party obviously saturated their connections at countdown. I started with zero hit detection and left at 5-14. I popped back in and go 30-5 with great hit detection.

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