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    Straight up viewing angle changed? No more across map?

      Has anyone else noticed that we can look up higher now that we could before? I only noticed this recently due to the fact that my combat axe wasn't getting the distance it usually does. If you start up a local MP game OR a Custom MP game, you'll see the angle we use to have. But if you go into a normal MP game, the angle is much greater. The two photos are an example of what I'm talking about. The first is the angle we have in Custom Games (the way it use to be in MP), and the second is the new "more straight up" angle we have now (only seen in live MP games). When exactly did this happen, and is there a reason for this change?


      I have to admit I'm not happy about this change. Where people complaining about how far the combat axe would go?


      Custom Game Straight up as of right now:

      Dropbox - CUSTOM-GAME-STR8-UP.jpg


      Multiplayer Game Straight up as of right now:

      Dropbox - MP-STR8-UP.jpg