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    Ultimate lighting staff Panel Pattern

      music notes & Saving Time By Switching panels:


      using only bottom row there are 7 blocks for playing music notes:


      Shoot order

      1st note : 6,1,3 wait till all are blank

      2nd note: 3,5,7 wait till all are blank again move along

      3rd note: 4,6,2  sound should confirm completed the first step


      Panel order after notes :

      1. generator 5 - switch 3 times

      2. church panel by tank - switch 2 times

      3. church panel top of stairs by bird bath - switch 1 time

      4. behind generator 4 - switch 2 times

      5. generator 1 - switch 2 times

      6. generator 2 inside tank station - switch 3 times

      7. excavation site on excavation building where the church entrance location - switch 3 times


      ok too kill time on this easy upgrade

      Simply Turn the Panels along the way so when u finish the notes, you will recieve 2 sounds in one you have completed staff in one step.


      Hit the numbers as described above, start of the game hit first switch "Twice" and so on its so much faster this away just make sure no one hits the switches after you. unless they put it back in the correct direction. most of the time the character your playing with will speak when its in its correct location...  hope this is helpful too some