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    Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

      Hello all, as an experienced CoD PC player, I've been watching closeley how call of duty has been changing over the years and sadly, the PC version has been getting less and less support with every new CoD, starting from Modern Warfare 2 and continiuing to Black Ops 2. I will 1st list the biggest problems of the PC version of the game  and then put an explenation about every one of them, and as for the shotguns (since people will most likeley ask about that and complain) So here it is:




      1. All those "mini patches' that we get like every week that tweak or "balance" the game.**

      2. The "lag compensation" or however the game is tweaked.***

      3. Aim assist*

      4. Hipfire*

      5. Hard-Core weapon damage*

      6. Core weapon damage*


      So lets begin with the explenation:


      1. The "mini patches" that tend to balance the game but in most of the cases they mostly **** it up (I'm not sure how exactly they are applied on console or how they affect it).

      Now why is that they **** it up? Well here is a clear example: Recoil. The recoil of some weapons like the msmc, pdw, vector, an94 and scar keeps getting tweaked more and more like in every 1 of these mini patches or whatever you want to call them to either good or bad. There was this point at which the weapons had the same recoil as the ones in console which was just ridicilous, considering the way at which recoil can be handled on PC. Here is an other example: The weapon damage. The msmc's damage keeps changing, at 1st it was like 4 shots-kill if im not mistaking, and right now the msmc kills in 2-3 which is just completeley unfair and makes the assault rifles useless because of its low recoil.


      2. The favorite of the whole CoD gaming community since Modern Warfare 3. Now since I know it's not really lag compensation that causes it (and im not exactly sure what does) or how the game was tweaked, so i will just give examples of how ****** up it is on PC.

      2.1 - The advantage people with slower connections get towards people with fast ones. Now lets put 2 objects, a guy with 10 mbit and a guy with 100mbit connection. If you do the math, the guy with 100mbit should allways get the advantage in everything, well in this case he gets disadvantaged in every aspect. As most of you know PC uses official dedicated servers which act server-client client-server and if both players are at a current distance to the server and get the same ping and they shouldnt get big lag problems or disadvantages to one and other right? Wrong. This is the weird thing that should be ******* fixed. People with slower connections (nomatter the ping, nomatter the distance) get a small and up to HUGE advantage over people with faster connections which is just insaneley unfair and should have been fixed immediateley back in december when everyone started complaining about it (mostly the console players) and guess what, it more or less got balanced on console and it's not a big problem anymore, but as allways, PC got no fix, stood ****** up trough the whole season. I, as example, have a close-to-flawless aim when i warm up and yet it feels as if I'm shooting ghosts, the guy runs and just absorbs all my bullets without anything, and at the end guess what? He turns around, wastes 1 mag, misses shitload of times and kills me, but guess what i see? 2-3 bullets fired and im down. I had 0 reaction time to that. You can find many examples in youtube about this problem, i'll just put 1 that i found the most close to what i said in the end of the topic.

      2.2 - Limiting your connection speed/Seeding or Downloading while playing. Yes this is a real thing, Limiting your connection to more or less 500KBps down and 30KBps up seems to be the  best connection so you get the least lag, or something that i've been using to manually "fix" it is 'NetBalancer'. By limiting the speed at which the game downloads and uploads data from/to the server reduces this boost people with slow connections get over you (if you have a faster connection) and you get 9/10 more hitmarkers than before (you will miss occasionaly some but thats just because this **** is just configured way too bad, thats why it needs a fix). Same goes for the download/upload. It's a worse choise over the 1st one but it still works in a way.


      3. [DELETED]


      4. My most hated one after the lag. Hipfire. It's way too god damn accurate, take the scorpion for example. That thing doesn't need a laser, it's way too god damn accurate! Hipfire in general got nerfed in the 1st patches because its spread was minimal but over the time the spray has been getting reduced bit by bit and its at the point again where its more efficient in close range than ADS which is just ridicilous. This is PC, not consle, people can aim you know? Why not leave it the way it was in cod 2 or cod 4 without the steady aim perk? 2/10 of my deaths are lucky hipfire headshots at mid/long range, like seriously come on! This isn't cs to spray and pray nor console. You have 500% faster and more accurate react time because of the mouse/keyboard.


      5. I'm not gona say much about this than that lmgs penatrate up to 3 walls and still 1 shot kill, take the peacekeeper as well as an example, 2 shots you're dead, no react time. Combine this with "lag compensation" or whatever its called and gg. You won't get a kill, why? Because if the enemy gets the compensation, on corners he will see you ALLWAYS 1st and you will die without seeing him. Fair right? Yeah.


      6. Minor problem as well, keeps getting tweaked with those little mini-patches. Console weapons kill way faster than the ones on PC, know why? Because of this "Lag compensation" or whatever the thing thats causing it is called. The player hitboxes are actually further or behind where you see the enemy player so you will be thinking "oh im hitting the guy in the chest with the scar why didnt he die on the 4th shot??" Because you're actually hitting differend hitboxes that don't cause that much damage or you simply miss because of the delay 2-3 shots. Fair as well right? Completeley.


      Screenshot proof: http://imgur.com/PlOiYXt,prqL7ni,A0kpUa2#0

      Screenshot N1. It shows where the bullet hit after "penetrating" my character, where i dropped my weapon and backpack and where my actual body was (as you can see, its still in run animation).

      Screenshot N2. It shows where the person was, and if you know the map, you will know that there is a "pillar" that cant be penatrated unless using fmj (the guy had stock and silencer on the AN 94). The bullet hits the door and penatrates me, which suposedley kills me, but my body wasnt behind the door as you can see.

      Screenshot N3. It shows there the blood comes out and where the bullet went out from "my body" or i.e. my hitboxes.

      <me> space<my hitboxes>  The distance between those 2 is 1 body more, so im disadvantaged by 2 bodies, the people can shoot at me and even if i strate and try to avoid, they will most likeley shoot behind me if they cant stay on-target and still kill me because of this.


      Now as for the shotguns, in my opinion they are OP, especialy the r870, why? Long barrel. It increases the range at which it 1 shot kills a lot, but still can be dealth with imo. Annoying but not a big problem.

      Please if you agree, support this topic and give opinion in the comments, Activision must not configure Ghosts the same way they did with black ops 2 and mw3, if your connection is under 10mb then don't complain about lag! Just get a better connection, it's cheap anyway. Why do the people with faster connection have to suffer, really?

      Here are some videos from youtube regarding the lag:

      ᴴᴰ Lag Compensation (Episode #6) - Black Ops 2 (PC) @pcdev @ATVIAssist @DavidVonderhaar - YouTube

      Black Ops 2: Lag Compensation Examples/Gameplay PC - YouTube

      Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Lag Compensation (PC) - YouTube

      And now the most ridicilous "fix" about the lag (which doesn't fully do the job but at least it removes partially the huge advantage some people get) - Lag Compensation FIX - Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks - YouTube


      * Minor problems (That don't affect gameplay as much).

      ** A problem that should be fixed.

      *** Main problem. The thing ruining the game.

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          Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

          Excellent arguments, couldn't agree more.

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            Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

            hi there, interesting post, I agree on some points but I have to add:


            1) MSMC has been nerfed several times (damage reduced and recoil increased) . At the begin it was OP. Now it works normal weapon. Some other weapons have been nerfed (damage and/or recoil and/or rate of fire) like AN94, PDW, KAP40, B23R, Ballista, DSR..


            2)About connection, I'm not sure a 10Mo connection got that much advantage over 100Mo connection. Looks like the most important thing is your upload bandwidth. Anyway, I assume their netcode have a netspeed limitation down/up. But it would be nice players that nerf their connection would be disconnected from servers or at least switched on lobbies with players with the same bandwidth.

            You also have to take in consideration the jitter and ping. I most of the time got preshot/insta-kill by player with high ping (150-999). Also, when joining a game with several high pingers, it make the server even more lagging and almost everybody in game experience a high jitter that make the game even more impossible to play correctly.


            3)Snipers are just fine in PC version. Imagine if it was like in console where anybody can do a 720° and quickscope or noscope pff. I would have left this game since a while.

            At least snipers requires a bit of skill on PC.


            4)Hipfire is too much OP with SMGs and shotguns (excepted the KSG?) indeed. It's OK for others weapons imo.


            5)Well Hardcore is just fine. The problem come from netcode and connection issues. But I tend to think that LMGs are a bit OPs (especially with target finder/FMJ/rapid fire)


            6)Same as 5



            To conclude, It's not that easy to have a 100Mo connection. In my country for example, less than 5% of the population can hope to have over 50Mo.

            I myself got a decent connection 20Mo Down/ 1Mo Up. But I still experience the same issues you describe.

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              Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

              I completeley agree with this, this has been a problem since i bought this game and nobody is doing anything.

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                Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                Hey WinterPwnd,

                I am Quiicky

                You have excellent arguments.

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                  Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                  Can't believe someone had the balls to say this, couldn't agree more.

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                    Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                    i agree, we really need to fix this =)

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                      Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                      I agree.main problem of this game is that spray guns are OP and snipers nerfed(on pc)

                      we dont have aim assist so they should not applay same nerfs like for consoles

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                        Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                        Finally managed to edit my post, added some scerenshot proof to the ones that don't know how it affects the player himself.

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                            Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                            you are absolutely right in your post.. but if you are an old COD fan, then you would know for sure, it all stems from not having our own official dedicated servers.. when COD2 was released, I had a list of servers i could go play in.. and the server list, neatly compiled where the closest servers and furthest ones were.. So, it was my choice, if i wanted to play with 100 ping, or 30 ping. If i didn't happen to like said server, i would leave and find another one. And if i really couldn't find one, I could happily rent my own server! When COD4 (modern warfare 1) was finally released. we got the same thing..

                            In the era of Cod2 and Cod4, players were more respectable, no name calling, no racial slurs. Most players were on their best behaviors, for the simple fact that they didn't want to be banned from their favorite servers by the admins. and the admins, didn;t just ban because they could, they wanted people in their server! it was great..  the community would make mods. and custom maps.. and we never had to pay for it. when COD4 and COD5 went to consoles, they paid for their maps. they were happy, PC people were happy.

                            Now I can understand from a business point of view, of wanting to maximize your profits.. i get it. But was there really a need to take away our dedicated servers? PC players are the most savvy, smart guys out there, and if they want, they will and can find ways around what you guys don't want us doing.. for example..  The MW2 and MW3 admin tool that let you kick people off your router.. or the jump servers that people started making. My point is, just leave the PC players to play the game how they want.. Call of Duty made a name for its self on PC, not consoles. Whats wrong with giving PC players the perk of being able to, at the very least, host their own servers.. You guys already cater to Microsoft.. Whats to say that you can't just give Microsoft exclusives, we wait a month for new content after its been released on consoles anyways... give us the ability to mod and customize and play the game how we want.  If someone wants to join a server where they have everything unlocked,, LET 'EM! who cares.. they paid you for the game. 60 dollars! keep giving microsoft exclusives if u want.. sell them the new maps you create, don't give em to PC.. and let the PC community get their custom modding back.. its a win/win. You guys have already made a ridiculous amount of money..Don't you think it's about time, you give us back what we've been so desperately asking for, for the last 5 years!

                            the bottom line is.. We love the COD franchise.. but we don't get love back. And the PC community is waiting for the next best thing to come along, so we can finally say good riddance to the COD franchise on PC.

                            I own every single COD you guys have released since COD2.. but I am really hoping that Titanfall, ends up being CODS demise on PC. - We are tired of supporting your game and not being heard.. i would gladly let consoles have CoD, if we could get another game that was as great as COD2 and COD4 was..  that is all, good day sir.

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                            Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                            This game is a port. 100% of the stuff you mentioned is identical to Xbox and PS3. These are not "PC problems" so much as "BOII opinions." Netcode is identical on all platforms. The whole "lag comp" complaint started on 360 and migrated here. I have actually played a lot of 360 and it hits WAY worse because of no dedicated servers.


                            "All those "mini patches' that we get like every week that tweak or "balance" the game.**"


                            Those are updates to playlists like a new GOTW, MOTD or changes to XP for double XP/2x wep XP weekends. I know because PCDev_Assist announces exactly what they do every time. They are not patches. All changes to game balance appear in patch notes stickied in this forum:Black Ops 2 PC Updates and PCDev has said as much more than once. They have only messed with SMGs two or three times that I recall and only one of those times really caused a noticeable change. Also those changes match identically with 360, go read their patch notes. If you don't like the changes go tweet vondahaur (sp)? along with the other 10 million xbox players.

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                              Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                              I agree with you! like today when I was playing Hardcore I saw one guy running and I fired at him and the other guy was like away in the corner and he didn't saw me! but actually when I went to theater " they were both running towards me and I killed them while I was firing I had connection interrupted" now this is bull*** even so I killed them but they were somewhere else!


                              and for the connection one of my friend did this.


                              1. He got mad.

                              2. he went and got Xbox 360.

                              3. first played the game on PC his ping is 90-100

                              4. he played on his Xbox 360 on the same connection that gave him 90-100 guess what in Xbox he got 20-30 ping -_-


                              now most of the moderators here when they see this they will just ignore and "*** YOU" but when someone got really banned for no reason but you got a crap system you show yourself. hey we don't unban you. people actually paid money for you to do your damn job you know ? god I wish I was in America! so I can chase the hell outta of you and put my foot up your ass! and go ahead delete my account thinks that makes you strong xD


                              and I'm done

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                                Re: Black ops 2 PC - All problems for the PC version of the game, please show support.

                                I left this game since May, I came back today to get the cards. I finally saw my connection run like it should, I.E. not being shovelled to the ground with 200-300ms ping that made me rubber-band, and whenever I rubber-banded I ended up dead, about a meter or two behind from where I was, or blatantly getting killed before the guys even showed up on my screen.


                                Now I'm at an oscillating 40-60ms ping, but I tend to get killed almost absurdly by everyone with 100+ms ping too often. I don't know how many times I got 6-7 hit-markers with the Scar-H at medium range on a guy not even behind cover. Or worse my shots showing up late if ever on kill cam. The case where I died around corners was minimal, but hit registration was way off.

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