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    Xbox360 looking 4 a squad/clan

      Hello, just a straggler coming from a clan that recently dispersed and is not in existence anymore.  I really hate going into all that **** about stats but if must be it's just under 1, but I'm putting on my try hard cap and it's coming up.  I play any game mode and love to just make squeakers cry.  I do have a mic, but prefer to just listen bc I seem to talk a lot.  I am slightly young for all those "big boy" clans out there,but doesn't matter to me.  I'm not looking for perfect or even a high end clan.  Also I'm getting the xbox1 with ghosts but will still Have my console.  Last thing is I'm not always on so I'll just get on when I can.


      thank you all for your Undevoted attention,

      ign stalmani4 or just call me Steve or stal

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          Re: Xbox360 looking 4 a squad/clan

          Hey Stal! I'm making a clan from scratch at the moment. I have 2 admins and were looking for like 2 or 3 more people to be admins and  a few people to be members. The clan is called Twisted, Mediocre and Recreational gamers and is all inclusive no matter K/D, country, race or anything like that. aimed at people who play recreationallyor dont think they're good enough for a clan (this doesn't apply to you me thinks)


          We're a friendly bunch and we have a clan site and are planning on making an MLG site soon enough. The clan will have events within the clan and while collabing with other clans. One event is on now is a raffle where clan members earn tickets to win Microsoft points. We really need people who dont worry about K/D and we all keep odd hours so there will usually be atleast 1 person on when you are. If you're interested you can go to my post here:




          Or check out our Clan site (dont have your volume loud, theres into music on the home page

          Home - giantninjapony.simplesite.com


          I really hope you consider us as everyone gets a raffle ticket for joining and we need new members. Thanks or reading this (If you actually did @_@) THIS IS SPARTA



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