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        30. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

        No game will ever kill CoD  they will just gain their own playerbase and fans. Which does not equate to killing off CoD. Only Activision can really kill CoD by having 3arc and IW stop making them.

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          31. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

          If Titanfall plays like the COD series before they completely screwed it up with unplayable lag compensation it could kill COD for the serious Xbox players!  I have been playing since COD 2 and have loved the series until the complete fail that is Blops 2.  The lag comp has been getting worse and worse and now the game is complete garbage!  5 out of 7 games are unplayable where it is almost impossible to go 1.0 K/D. Then the 2 out of 7 games one has God mode and a K/D of 4.0

          So obviously tainted!!!!  Yellow bar connections from Canada running around the map completely unhittable.  Rubber bullets and bullet absorbing sponge armor.  Total lag compensation fail.  80 mbps down and 15 up.  5 ms ping!!!  DMZ, hardwired, Google DNS, new router, CAT6 cable, single internet user, tried everything.... some little $h1T with a 2 bar yellow connection owns me every time! Treyarch you have killed this series for me and millions of other fed up gamers!  Counting the days until "early 2014"

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            32. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

            What makes everyone so sure dedi's are the only reason for declining migrations?  Mine seemed to stop way before it was posted by anyone and dedi's were noticed.  And DriftOr may just be an engineer, but he has spent time with dev's.... 

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              33. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

              I don't think anyone is absolutely positive when dedicated servers got in the mix. Correct me if i'm wrong but the only other reason for not seeing "hosts migrating" besides dedi's would be because the host isn't leaving the game and his connection remains solid or consistent.


              I can only speak for myself. I realized much less host migrations and being chose as host right around the time of this patch,

              Xbox Community Update (2/26/14)

              and the heated discussion of this thread,

              Yet another lag post. Current Discussions

              and when other players were also talking dedi's like this thread.

              Dedicated Servers Up?

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                34. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2



                The patch I was referring to is May 23rd. Need to scroll down from the link provided.


                Sorry I can't edit my original reply. Those darn orange bars.

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                  35. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

                  I know that I haven't seen a DB or migration since around the beginning of June......that is until today. I also know that I haven't been host since then....until today.


                  So I go from seeing migrations, DBs and me being host every single day from November till June and it suddenly vanishes for three months? I have no doubts that dedis were being used. Today even before the first migration I could tell. The smoothness of the play took a hit and the stuttering when certain players were near returned. The dedis certainly weren't perfect, but it's 10x better than the way it was and apparently is now.

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                    36. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

                    No other game can kill another game ever. Only the developer can kill off a game and stop making it. There will always be players playing it no matter what other game is out there.

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                      37. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

                      somethings happened in the last 36 hours or so to league play.The lag is unplayable and before you waa waa about maybe its my end-it is not,the whole lobby is experiencing it.The dedis for league have definitley been removed and now league plays like public.Im about to get online today and if it was like it was when i went to sleep then il be off to buy GTA today because league was the only thing keeping this shitty title going for me.Seems like the rats are abandoning ship....

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                        38. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

                        I haven't been on BO2 for a couple days. GTA5 was in for a couple hrs last night. No GTA online till Oct. 1st. Still plenty to do as far as campaign.

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                          39. Re: Dedicated Servers BO2

                          The lack of sales due to crap development will kill off the game.  The lack of sales will come from people purchasing (and being happy with) another title.  If there are no profits there will be no game.  RIP good riddance!


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