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    Banned for not being a snitch? Xbox

      I have never boosted or anything in my life. I have 9 days of legit playing time. Not many gold guns, but I have diamond snipers. Today I ran into some boosters in Core TD and sent them a message after the game was over that they shouldn't be doing it in the open like that. I told them that in the future that they might not find a nice guy like me that wont report them. (They literally invited me into their party to beg me not to report them). So a few more hours of gameplay and I take a break. I come back to find a message saying my account has been banned for 6 days and to visit blah blah blah for more details. So I'm like, "alright". So I go to the website and it tells me NOTHING. It gives me a list of rules that are not to be broken. I WANT TO KNOW WHY I WAS BANNED. This is outrageous. I looked on COD Elite and all of my stats have been reset. I also started a local game and the few gold camos I had are no longer there and my diamond sipers are gone. HOWEVER, I still had a gold Ballista. I think this is literally BULL that I got banned, and really, I just want to know why. I guess Treyarch can't give me that information. Seeing how I didn't have many gold guns, it can all be earned back. I just think it's crap that they don't even give you a reason to why you were banned. It's all good though, because GTA 5 comes out tomorrow and I'll be saying goodbye to this game. If you guys have any advice to why I was banned or tips to gind out how I was banned, please leave a comment below. Have a nice day.