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    I got banned from black ops 2 and I dont know why.

      Last night I played Black Ops 2. I meet a few good people and we played. I was playing zombies with them when one of them said lets go into a glitch. I didnt really want to so I said I got them not to go in it. Then after that we played. Then after that I played a couple more games with one of the guys in the game. Then when I turned on my ps3 the next time it said I had been perm banned from black ops 2 with something to do with security and enforcement. I didnt really know what that was so I searched it up. Its about modding glitching and stuff. But I didnt do any glitching and I dont hack. Also I was not even going to go in the glitch I was just going to run around while hes in the glitch.

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