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    Quick Scoping Removed from Ghosts

      Heres the article that says Quick Scoping has been removed from Ghosts - its an interview with Eric Biessman from Raven Software.


      "AusGamers: Is there ever a conversation to just dump aim-assist?

      Eric: [laughs] There’s always conversations like that. One of the things we’ve done is that quick-scoping is not in the game. And that was a conscious choice, it’s something that we’ve removed, and I think that will make a lot of people happy. I know that’s something that always gets brought up as a questionable thing that always comes back to aim-assist.

      But yeah, there’s things we try throughout the whole development, and it really comes down to iterating and playtesting, and just getting feedback and keep going with that. So there’s always a question about things"


      Link to full interview.