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    the olnley game

      this is the only game i no where you get screwed for having the best Internet if you pay for fiber optic you should not penalized so the lil tramps that pay for 2meg Internet have a good game

      they should have a min requirement for on line play so people have to pay for a good Internet and then they can't run a android as a modem so the game runs good with no bull s

      the best thing is fiber is cheap in the u.k

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          I am a UK  player and my game is OK - fibre too

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              and if you get 1 player in the game on the over team with 3 or 2 bar don't you think he takes most of the shot like they was blanks

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                UK fibre here as well. No issues really when I play.


                OP, have you tried playing other games, like Halo or Fifa, to see if it really is only this game? Chances are it's the same for every game, but you might notice it more in a Call of Duty game due to the higher reaction speeds.

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                all the over games i play work fine and i went to my mates he got 4 meg and halo works fine on his 4 meg no lag but this game is on his internet works better than my fiber

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