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        280. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

        NoCommunityAtAll wrote:


        I`m sorry for interrupting your sniping discussion ) but here are some another suggestions:


        1) “Gambler “ perk – simply not interesting. Brings nothing to the gameplay.
        It would be nice to replace it with something else (there are many nice ideas in this thread).  Even bringing “Marksman” back would be better than the current “Gambler“.


        I actually really like the idea of gambler it just adds a fun twist to the game

        NoCommunityAtAll wrote:


        2) “Deadeye“ perk – Irrational , illogical  and unpredictable: The gun has probability to make more damage… Absurd. Moreover, guns in COD are rather powerful and kill very quickly if player`s aiming is good enough. So, I think there is no need to increase damage by perks.
        I suggest replacing “Deadeye” with a kind of reversed perk: When you kill someone, you can pick up a ballistic vest from the body. (Like the “Scavenger”, but there is a vest instead of supply package). I think such perk would be more rational and more useful then “Deadeye”.

        I agree here i really dont like the sound of deadeye i can understand the thinking behind it but its going to end up being one of those perk combos  people will assume they must have like stopping power/juggernaut all over again I forsee much hatred for this perk and alot of confusion and debate when the games out


        NoCommunityAtAll wrote:


        3) In objective-oriented game modes I suggest to consider adding cooldown time:

        Let the player have to wait a little (e.g. 5 seconds) before respawn when he got killed. Maybe this will motivate people to play more carefully and rationally.

        I`m not sure if this feature will ruin game dynamics or not (probably need to tested), but for sure it will prevent sad situations – you are trying to get the flag, kill people one by one, but get nearly no benefits from that, because they respawn just around the corner immediately.

        oh heck NO,

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          281. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

          Are all your maps designed to be small with objects in corners, roundness to reduce the amount of corners, short corners, exposed corners, vunerable defensible postions, many flanks, a bunch of entrances to any house, clutter that obstructs long sightlines, and barriers on all objects and plants to incourage rushing and make camping difficult? This combined made me feel like I had to move before being flanked/rushed. We haven't really got open and spacious maps without all of this since BO1, but it only had a very few maps without all of those undesirable designs. MW2's maps were mostly large compared to what we've been getting with post-BO1, and they were great. All I'm saying is that it's okay for some maps to be designed for rushers, but not every single map! Post-BO1, there has been virtually no variety in map design. Just rusher's maps, rusher's maps, rusher's maps. More like 33-50% of maps should be for rushers, and then Ghosts will be awesome.

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            282. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

            I've pulled some posts from this thread. As much as weapon balancing is feedback, I, as a moderator, have to stop a conversation once we've moved beyond balancing and have entered into personal attacks, blanket statements and relating differences in opinion to past unfortunate social and political struggles.


            Candice is the author of this thread and is at liberty to regulate the content as she sees fit. Let's just keep in mind that we should keep our cool, be as comprehensive in discussion as possible, and agree to disagree when reaching an impasse.


            Maccabi jokingly stated that this thread was turning into the MW3 patch notes thread and it did. While the opinions and feedback were mostly stated with the best of interests, presentation and composure soon began to falter.


            I'm linking our Community Etiquette & Guidelines for everyone. Stay frosty!


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              283. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

              Understood and accepted. No ill will at all on my part about you doing as you are meant too Foxy.

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                284. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

                I don't know how to convince you.  I have logically stated that sniper rifles are overpowered as they are better at killing people at close range then shotguns and SMGs at close range. Your only retort is that if that were the case you would lose more CQB matches with sniper rifles, which is the point.  Your counter argument boils down to "sniper rifles should be useful in CQB because I want them to be."  It doesn't work like that.  Why should sniper rifles be better than SMGs and shotguns at close range?


                Here is a chart to explain since words aren't working


                Weapon Class Effectiveness at Range

                Range      Shotguns     ARs     SMGs     LMGs     Sniper rifles.

                Close       OHK           good     great     good        OHK

                Med         useless       good     ok         good        OHK

                Far          useless       good     bad       good         OHK


                See the problem?

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                  285. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

                  Ya, the problem is that you are only looking at one stat(Range) on a weapon. 


                  Range          Shotguns          ARs          SMGs          LMGs           SRs.

                  Close        OHK no ADS      Okay          Great          Good           OHK ADS

                  Med             Depends          Great          Good          Great           OHK ADS

                  Long                N/A               Good          Okay           Great          OHK ADS

                  Fire rate       ~150RPM   ~700RPM   ~800RPM   ~700RPM        ~50 RPM

                  Hip Fire           Okay            Good          Great          Okay              Terrible

                  TTKCQC)        N/A              Good          Great          Good               N/A

                  TTK(Long)       N/A              Great          Good          Great               N/A

                  RPS                  3                    12               14              12                    2

                  BTK                  1+                  3-5             3-6             3-5                  1-2

                  Movement       High             Medium        High           Low                 Low

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                    286. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

                    low movement speed and low rate of fire means nothing when they can kill in one at any range compared to any other weapon in the game. neither does hipfire have much meaning since they are not really meant to be hipfired either.

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                      287. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

                      Just a general observation.


                      The video that you produced showed a lot of medium range engagements in the beginning. Do you "snipe" to be effective at mostly medium range and long range being a plus? If so then I think you may like the marksman class of weapons in GHOSTS. High power, precision required, and the versatility to hit hard at most ranges. Depending on your trigger finger and supplementary kit you'll be set for every engagement. IIRC the marksman rifle we used was OHK to the head. Similar to COD4's Mk 14. Again that's only IIRC on both fronts. I prefer semi-auto ARs to fill that medium/long rage gap. If they didn't exist, then I'd either have an SR or an SMG.


                      This is simple discussion. Please do not interpret "snipe" as a dig. The term snipe and sniping is so subjective that I feel tossing quotes around it helps.

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                        288. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

                        Rate of fire means nothing as the sniper rifle kills instantaneously in one shot.  If you miss, it is less forgiving, but aim-assist makes missing a mute point. 


                        Movement is also rather mute as all weapons move at between 90-100% speed.  There isn't much of a disadvantage here (Lightweight on an LMG user is just as fast as an SMG user without)  Also, movement speed doesn't help you win gun fights, it just gets you to them faster. 


                        Hip fire radius means nothing since quickscoping involves QUICKly raising the SCOPE such that there is no hip-fire radius.  Also, why do you think the hip fire on a sniper rifle is so large?  Maybe they don't want you no-scoping at close range reliably?  Why?  Because a sniper isn't supposed to be useful at close range. 


                        Your TTK stats are misleading since a time of N/A is actually zero seconds except for the shotgun at long range as it cannot kill. 

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                          289. Re: Ghosts MP details from the reveal event

                          This may have been asked already but what differences will there be between the 360 and the ONE version ?


                          Only reason I ask is because I just found this thread and it will take me days to read it

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