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    Infinity Ward, Make the Player indicator on Multiplayer different colours


      Infinity Ward, Make the Player indicator on Multiplayer different colours


      Infinity Can  you make the triangle player indicator that is on the mini map  that shows all the players on your team to be a different colour.  Instead of a green/blue (Blue on Black ops 2) indicator for everyone on your team, it would be nice  if each player had a different colour. This will help to communicate  strategically with other players and clan members on your team.


      For  example if there are 6 players in your party, each player indicator  will be 6 different colours. We do not want just green for everyone  anymore, It would be nice to know which player is where on the map. The  player's colour should be shown next to their name on the left hand side  of their clan tag from the party lobby and into the game.


      In Cod multiplayer game if I need help, I can see which players are the closest to me by the colour of their indicator and I can call that player to come and help me instead of calling for help and everyone leaves their position to help me which is bad and not very strategic.


      I am trying to push this idea for Cod Ghosts so if you like it just comment.

      Let me know what you think? Below is just an idea. I decided to do a rough sketch.

      If forum moderators do not like the picture then feel free to remove it. I am not trying to brake any rules.




      Call of Duty GhostS Colour Indicator for Map photo CallofDutyGhostSColourIndicatorforMap.png