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    Time to update the ladder system?

      This is how I "think" the ladder system works, after 400 solo wins and having played with tons of teams. Do not take any of the information for granted, as I do not know if this is how it actually works. Also, I will only talk about the Champions Series, not the Moshpit Series, as I'm not experienced with that.


      If you're in the placement ranks (solo), and you haven't played in any of the previous seasons, your rank will be determined by two things; how many wins/losses you get during the placement ranks, and what the enemy ranks are.

      So if you win 5/5 games, and the enemy ranks are all below "Gold", you'll probably be put into any of the divisions below "Gold".

      If you win 4/5 games, but in two of the games, the entire enemy team was ranked "Masters", you might get into "Gold", or even "Platinum".

      So you do not need to win all of your games, as long as you beat high-ranked enemies.

      When it comes to placement games of teams, it's more likely that you'll be placed in Gold/Platinum, as long as you win 4/5 games, even though the enemies were all Irons.. I don't know why, but that's what I've experienced from 20+ different teams.


      If you have played in a previous season, the ranking system will take that into account, and "boost" your new rank. So if you used to be in Gold, and you win only 2/5 placement games, you'll still get into Gold, and if you win 4/5 placement games, you might even get Platinum. Easy, huh? This is because the ranking system knows how good you really are, based on the previous season-rank. If you were in Masters, you'll probably be ranked Platinum, then you'll have to win a couple of games, and woahla, you're in Masters again.


      Okay, done with the placement games. How do you advance through the divisions, and how does the ladder-point system work, after each win or loss?

      To advance through the divisions, there's three things you'll need to be aware of; win streak, your current placing in your sub-division, and the enemy ranks.

      If you constantly win, and you get very high win streaks, it's most likely that you will be advanced to the next division (from Silver - Gold etc..). However, this is usually really hard for low-ranked players, not necessarly because they are bad, but you often get put into really bad teams, where some might even dashboard etc.

      If this happens to you, you'll have to keep grinding League Play. This means that you'll have to play a lot of games, in order to stay in the top 10 in your sub-division. If you're ranked top 10, it's easier to advance to the next divsion, than if you're at top 100, because there's more advantages for you. At top 100, you need high win streaks. At top 10, you need high win streaks, but at the same time, you'll always be one of the prioritized to move up into a completely new sub-division, in the next rank. Might be a tricky sentence; let's try to explain that a bit better.

      You've been rank 1 in Platinum for a week now, and you keep getting like 4-5 win streaks, but then you loose. In order for you to rank up now, since you're not able to get those damn high win streaks, you simply just have to wait (of course, it's even better if you keep getting ladder points). Within a couple of hours, days, weeks (depending on how far into the season you are), there will be new sub-divisions opening up, letting top players from the divisions below to enter a higher division. So if you're rank 1 Platinum, and there's a new Masters sub-division, you will be prioritized to move up there. You do not have to worry about being online at the perfect timing, as you will advance up no matter what. You can be offline, you can be in lobby, pre-game lobby or after a game is done. So that's how you'll rank up to the next division if you're top 10.


      Now, for the ladder points system..

      This part of League Play, is what needs an update!!

      First of all, League Play is supposed to match you against players with the similar rank. This does not work. Only happens about 60-70% of the time.

      If you're in Iron or Bronze, and since the match-making doesn't really work, you get put into a game against Masters and you win, the heck. You might just get 10 points. Actually, you'll most likely get below 50 points every time.

      However, if you're in Masters, and you get put against Irons, and you win (which usually is really easy), you'll get 100-150 points. Say WHAT!!!?

      Yes, indeed. However, a game with only top 10 Masters in both teams, you usually get 10-50 points..


      Masters vs Masters = 10-50 pts

      Masters vs Platinum = 10-50 pts

      Masters vs Gold = 10-70 pts

      Masters vs Silver = 10-150 pts

      Masters vs Bronze = 50-150 pts

      Masters vs Iron = 100-150 pts (10 pts on rare occasions)

      Any vs Masters = 10-50 pts......


      How it should be:


      Masters vs Masters 50-150 pts (depending on how good the game is)

      Masters vs Platinum 30-130 pts

      Masters vs Gold 10-110 pts

      Masters vs Silver 10-90 pts

      Masters vs Bronze 10-70 pts

      Masters vs Iron 10-50 pts.


      Beating a team of Masters is harder, and should therefore be rewarded with more points. But since that's not how it works, many masters decide to dashboard coz they'll probably lose 150 pts if they lose, but only get 10 pts if they win... I get them, even though I hate when people dashboards.



      Well guys, for those few of you who bothered to read everything, what is your thoughts?

      Have you experienced the same?

      Are you just as pissed as me, because of this?


      Also, fix the damn game after the previous patch, guys! The "Host Migration" doesn't work!.

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          Re: Time to update the ladder system?



          this is for those that care about stats and rankings - which not many people do


          Also, what is wrong with the Host Migration not working?


          If someone dashboards then the game will exit to the lobby

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              Re: Time to update the ladder system?

              Since the update a couple of days ago, League Play has been really unstable. Most games has 1-3 players running 4 bars, while the rest are running 1 bar. As well as the pre-game lobby timer doesn't work at times, so when you find a lobby (matched players) it jumps straight into the game, without letting you know what game mode it is, the enemy ranks etc. This can be an issue for the players using different class sets for different game modes and maps.


              Maybe you're not that familiar with this issue, and maybe there isn't that many it involves (as LP already is a minor part of the community), but it's still a problem.

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                  Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                  This has nothing to do with Host Migration


                  There are a few cheaters/lag switchers in league play - this is what happens when you introduced rank based play into games


                  People will do anything for to increase their epeen

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                      Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                      It's the last update, where they implemented Host Migration again. The same patch is the patch that messed up LP right now. What we're (the players who actually play LP) experiencing these days, isnot lag switches but simply bugs in the game. During the 400 wins I have in solo (not to mention the 200-300+ in diff teams) I've only encountered 3 or 4 lag switchers.


                      How can I tell it's not lag switching but the game's fault?

                      After the exact same patch, the game now messes up before it starts. It jumps straight into a game, rather than creating the 20seconds pre-game lobby.


                      Play around 20-30 games in LP Champ Series, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

                      I was rank 1 masters a couple of days ago, but due to this issue, where I cannot play a single game without it happening to me, I had to stop playing, or else I would keep losing pts. I am now rank 3, and really pissed off, coz I had a 2K pts lead..

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                    Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                    gdexter wrote:




                    this is for those that care about stats and rankings - which not many people do


                    Also, what is wrong with the Host Migration not working?


                    If someone dashboards then the game will exit to the lobby

                    im gonna say more people care then dont.

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                    Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                    I have experienced and/or seen just about everything you have mentioned here.


                    I play solo mostly,so have to deal with the randomness that brings. So I decided to finish the seasons in the top 10, and for a while that worked getting me up to the Gold division in Champions. Then after the update came out where I believe 3arc said it would be harder to get into higher divisions, I got set back to Silver from my placement matches and haven't been able to get out... Mostly because I have played a lot less after feeling like all my effort had been for nothing.


                    I am now gonna see if I can grind into the top 10 before the end of this season and see what happens.


                    As for the points, I think it is even more random than what you have written as what happens now. There is just no telling how many points I might win or lose. I can win against higher division players and win either 10 or 150 points with a similar situation for losing. It seems it is more based from the enemies ranking in whatever division they are in, though this is harder to check.


                    For example, if a player is rank top 10 Iron, playing with a player below 100 in Masters... They win, and the Iron player gets 10 points and the Masters player gets 150, because the enemies were also top 10 in whatever divisions they were in.


                    To be honest I really have no idea and have not been able to clearly identify how it works at all. They don't need to detail this, I understand keeping it behind closed doors to prevent people from finding a way to abuse it, but it really doesn't seem logical right now.

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                      Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                      I have also had the in game lag/connection problems. I have had a couple of games where a few people in the game occasionally drop to 1 bar. It's not everyone except the host, just a few people, and it happens to those players intermittently throughout the game.


                      It is not my Internet connection, and if it was that wouldn't explain why it happens to more than one player at the exact same time on and off throughout the game.

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                        Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                        I've also had similar issues, even to the point of being dumped on the score screen with a win...only to check score and see I've lost 150.  Big imprint of my palm on my face for that one.

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                          Re: Time to update the ladder system?

                          Add it to the compilation! Another ladder fail....


                          League play shouldn't be in the game, it is impossible for them to effectively rank it and monitor it. Personally, and I have suggested this before, I think they should make League a subscription service. You will then only get serious players, not just casual players or trolls who wander into the lobbies just looking for a laugh.


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