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      Recently I have been playing on 3 bar in league play, every game. It's weird, when I spectate (after I die) I move up to a 4 bar but when I spawn in I have to play on a 3 bar. It's annoying as hell.


      In public matches I play on 4 bars and I could in league play before but the last couple of days it's been a constant 3 bar.


      Any suggestions?

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          yeah use the search feature.

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            ignore starbuckfrack he doesn't know what he is talking about he writes a couple of word's and then thinks he's a genius LOL.... here is what you do to boost your connection: use a LAN cord or if that doesn't work check your internet speed at a speed test website here: http://www.speedtest.net/ if your internet speed is bad with your provider get it a new package with them unless you are binded in a contract and also try clearing your cache and see if that helps also disabling wireless on your router can boost your internet speed.

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              when your dead your connection on the boards tends to change. ignore it, its not your real connection the one that matters more is what you see when your alive. As far as 3 bar, I 3 bar a far number of my games in league tho i still 4 bar more often then not.... some nights tho seem like 3 bar is all i get.

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                The bars indicate your ping times to the host player of the game, not you bandwidth and ping time to a dedicated test server like speedtest.net uses. Speedtest.net is a good place to start but not the conclusive proof of good/great internet that most people seem to think it is.

                Another good test to build a picture of your actuall internet quality is to use the command prompt's ping command. It gives multiple pings to a host, not just one at any point in time.

                A lot of times an internet connection will show good ping times for a single ping but will show fluctuating ping times if you do a test of 10 pings in a row at .5 or 1 second intervals. Fluctuating ping times are way worse than having a consistent high ping time (unless we are talking 100+ milliseconds).


                I'm in no way suggesting that the problem is on your end, but you must know that it is not in order to properly diagnose what may be going on.