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    DSR Rate of Fire decreased (Treyarch Please read)

      Since the July 23rd update use released the DSR is un-usable in my opinion.


      The rate of fire this weapon now shoots post patch is completly stupid & unrealistic, Can you guys release another fix for the DSR to increase the DSR fire rate slightly than you did on the 23rd please?


      Im not saying put it back to how it use to be, im saying can you increase it slightly more since the july 23rd update because it is completly useless when playing Free-For-All/ Ground War and approaching 2 enemys at the same time.


      Im sure others will agree with me here, but by you increasing it slightly would still prevent the DSR from being used as a Quick Scope weapon but will give players like myself the interest to use it again because since your patch i havnt used it because the fire rate is unbelievably stupid.


      Members if you agree just post below your thoughts and hope this thread gets viewed by 3Arc and that act on it.