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        40. Re: True Dedicated Servers

        ItsReaDz wrote:


        if you wanna know the server's on Black ops2 sucks...

        and still you haven't answered the question if you're going to make statements like "another big fail" how about actually explaining why you think its a fail.

        As at present you are not really making any sense at all so you think the servers on bo2 suck great what has that got to do with ghosts.,. nothing

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          41. Re: True Dedicated Servers

          There are a few simple business tactics as to why they don't provide us with proper dedicated servers.


          - Dedicated servers in a well developed game reduces the chance of a repeat sale the year after (I dub these "Greed Releases", yearly). By either not having them (community drops off), or being controlled by the company (cut servers down on the release of the next title to save money and decrease community)... creates more next release sales.


          - Dedicated servers reduce the chance of DLC sales as the community would already be strong and developed. On PC once the DLC's are released (MW3 & BO2) it splits the community up making it difficult to find a game, people who still want to play are forced to buy the DLC... equals more revenue. Essentially though we are only getting a quarter of the game we paid for. I don't mind the yearly cycle but at least make THAT yearly experience a great and greed free one...


          This ladies and gentlemen is what happens when a lot of the large gaming companies are publicly owned and controlled by greed, not passion.


          In reference to Black Ops II servers being bad... I can vouch for him, they are. Espessially lately when they have cut them down so drastically due to lack of community and DLC sales. Although you're correct it has nothing to do with Ghosts... At least Treyarch has supported the community by trying to bring dedicated some way, better post release support and much, MUCH better anti-cheat system than IW's MW3 on PC. Although, that game had almost none.


          Main areas IW could improve on to make it a winning PC title:


          - Dedicated Servers (Private/Publicly Run)

          - MUCH improved spawn engine

          - MUCH improved lag compensation (ie. not like BO2 with the golden ping zone of 90-130 or sometimes higher)

          - MUCH improved hit registration (IW MW3 was quite good, NOT like BO2)

          - Stick with the IW formula for maps, ie make them fun. BO2 maps were very monotonous, unfun and lacked creativeness. They made objective based games frustrating and predictable. From what I've seen of Ghosts so far, looks like a good job!

          - Try to follow treyarch with weapon balancing. MW3 suffered from massive inbalance of weapons ie MP7, ACR, RF UMP etc

          - Keep Core mode low on hits required similar to MW3 NOT like BO2, it takes more than twice the bullets to kill on PC in core compared to 360. Unsure if this is intentional due to control difference or difference in hit registration. Either way it leads to frustration, unrealism and stupid scenarios (ie you put 4 AR hits in an enemy only to have them turn around/jump and spray you with a Vector)

          - Good job with new game modes like cranked. Fun should be the main factor in CoD. It IS NOT a realistic warfare simulator and should stick with the military/modern arcade style of gameplay.

          - After sales support. Give the PC reasonable support with hackers. MW3 was a cesspool of hackers and the PC got little to no after sales support. It took them a month to fix the DLC bug which split/reduced a decent community. I wouldn't expect xBox level of support... but reasonable support is due.


          If it's matchmaking p2p and has no anti-cheat support. I'll stick with BF4, Watch Dogs, AC4 and hopefully GTA V thanks.

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            42. Re: True Dedicated Servers

            SlyTactix wrote:


            "- Dedicated servers in a well developed game reduces the chance of a repeat sale the year after (I dub these "Greed Releases", yearly). By either not having them (community drops off), or being controlled by the company (cut servers down on the release of the next title to save money and decrease community)... creates more next release sales."


            You'll have to explain this logic to me. As it is written it makes no sense. It is the presence of dedis in Battlefield that keeps me looking forward to the next release of BF every time. I don't mind the two year wait because of that. While I know there will always be lag in online gaming, it has been my personal experience that dedis result in much more balanced gameplay and dramatically reduced lag. If you've experienced something else, no one can help that.


            So how does the use of dedicated servers reduce the change of a repeat sale? You failed to explain the concept other then suggesting that the developer will "save money". Treyarch's lack of action in fixing lag comp for BO2 only solidified my choice of ignoring their next release of COD, because of their inaction they cannot be trusted. Dedis would strengthen a games playability, and repeat sales, because of the balance they bring to online gaming.

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              43. Re: True Dedicated Servers

              I guess he's suggesting the community will last longer and stick with what they have.


              I'm not sure this is true. Using COD4 as an example, it just so happened that games after it didn't have the same community and in some cases they didn't have dedicated servers.


              To go back to the earlier post, they said some unranked like MW3, but I have a feeling the twist is that they will run them.


              Seriously please guys let the community run servers. Lock down ranked if you need to so that there's not much that can be changed, but do something for us.

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                44. Re: True Dedicated Servers

                So it appears Mark Rubin used the word rentable in Twitter regarding Dedicated Servers.



                Matchmaking with RANKED dedicated servers for PC confirmed by @IWMarkRubin . Rentable Servers to come post release #CODGhosts


                For me the biggest question now is WHEN and WHAT. They say rentable servers post release, but based on the way they patch PC, I want to know when and if this is RANKED and/or UNRANKED.


                Here's the questions that I originally wanted to have answered back when Black Ops 2 was released.  Going to recap the answers.


                1.Will Call of Duty have Dedicated Servers?




                2.Will Call of Duty Dedicated Servers be Ranked and Unranked?

                Ranked, yes. Unranked, unclear.



                3.Will Call of Duty Dedicated Ranked and Unranked Servers be rentable by members of the PC Community?

                Rentable, yes. When, post-release, unclear exactly. Ranked or Unranked, unclear.



                4.Will Call of Duty Ranked Dedicated Servers allow for reasonable configuration such as map rotation, game mode, rcon, etc.?




                5.Will Call of Duty Unranked Dedicated Servers allow for a high level of configuration such as map rotation, game mode, rcon, class configuration, etc. so that it may be easily used for competition?




                6.Will a server browser be included in the game allowing players to control which servers they connect to, Ranked and Unranked?




                7.Will Dedicated Servers work with a party system allowing friends to join Dedicated Servers as a team?

                Yes. Will rentable servers have party systems, server browsers or both, unclear.



                8.Will Dedicated Servers be included in the match-making system or a Quick Match system?

                Yes. Will rentable servers be included in match-making or a quick match system, unclear.

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                  45. Re: True Dedicated Servers

                  Now that we have some answers, I hope everyone will continue to push them for all the answers we need.


                  Personally, I think they're just saying they'll do this to call the PC community's bluff. If PC players buy the game, I wonder if they implement rentable servers.

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                    46. Re: True Dedicated Servers

                    I think the best thing to do is wait until IW makes an official statement wether or not there will be rentable servers post launch before Ghosts hits the streets. If they say there will be rentable servers before Ghosts goes live and they don't implement them post launch it's a case of false advertisement and they can be sued for it.

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                      47. Re: True Dedicated Servers

                      They already said they would be post launch. We know that.


                      Thing is, if you wait for them and don't say anything they may not follow through. They need to repeatedly get questions and requests for it. The PC Community must keep the pressure on them if they want this.

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                        48. Re: True Dedicated Servers

                        Call of Duty: Ghosts getting dedicated servers, TXAA and Elite on PC | games.on.net Dunno if this is any use to any one but it's a start.  Still not buying til I know for sure tho here's the GeForce link which has some more vague details, but again dedicated servers is mentioned as confirmed, this choice may or may not be related to poor pre-order sales, would be nice to know more though.

                        Call of Duty: Ghosts To Be Enhanced With NVIDIA PhysX & TXAA | GeForce

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                          49. Re: True Dedicated Servers

                          Just more BS from them to try to con foolish and gullible people into pre-ordering.


                          "Dedicated servers confirmed"  - What they don't tell you is they could literally provide ONE server for the whole world accessable only through matchmaking and they "technically" aren't lying.


                          ANY real PC gamer will tell you the basic benefits a server system gives you are.


                          1) Server browser and the ability to choose what server you join

                          2) Admins to "police" the servers and remove problematic players and/or hackers.

                          3) TONS of server locations spread evenly throughout the world. (nobody ever has to connect outside their country)

                          4) Community has control of customization (game modes, map rotation, time limits, player counts, etc)


                          Yet these "confirmed" servers they speak of will have NONE of these basic benefits.


                          I also like how they are more or less lying about the PC version being the priority and then porting down to consoles. But wait, Ghosts is going to be "enhanced" with Nvidia PhysX and TXAA/GeForce!!!  Yet it will look EXACTLY identical to the console version in every way (just like BO2, which they claimed was "made for PC first")


                          Nvidia PhysX & TXAA/GeForce!!!  Wow!!  Amazing right?  Other developers give us such features STANDARD... but now that Activision is including it in CoD it's something "special" they're working on just for us.    And the fools line up to pre-order.


                          Sad really.

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