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    Why Am I still lagging?



      My router is downstairs but so is everyone elses... would a wired connection help me? please leave your answers

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          Those tests are to a fixed point server so are pretty meaningless, its the connections to the host and other players in the game lobby that matter.

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            I used to run wireless with my router downstairs but I changed it to hardwired and right next to my console about a year ago.  The lag improvement was noticeable.  Not a cure all but definitely better.  Also, be sure to give your console a static IP address that is well beyond the number of possible devices that you could have in your home and be sure to port forward to that IP.

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              Make sure that the wifi signal strenght is full on your console, or use a wired connection. Wired might help a bit if the console is not getting a good signal and in that case the problem is at your end. Set a static IP and use port forward or DMZ, or just enable UPnP so that you get an open NAT. There's not much else you can do, the matchmaking and the netcode in this game aren't that great.

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                Its not your connection thats wrong its the game....Ive contacted activision to ask for help last week all they did was point me to there connection help section on there website....I asked a few other questions why im instantly dying after unloading into an enemy oh your suffering latency lag.... So i asked why am i not getting this with your other games.... He just fobbed me of saying the game has a high internet load than the others.... What rubbish....

                All this game as done is bring nothing but rage.....The only positive from the game due to treyarch is that I've save all that money NOT buying the DLC.... Is this the future of gaming?...Is ghost going to the same?... Think its going to make me wait on next title see what comes from the forum....

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                  Drift0r Explained this a while back. Be warned though it is almost an 18 minute long explanation video and it gets a little on the technical side, But it explains this problem perfectly.