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    Are you tired of losing games? Are you tired of running solo? If so then join NationofAssassins!

      Name: NationofAssassins


      lvl: 43


      Clan kd:1.75


      -1.80 kd or higher



      Want to know a  little about my clan? Well were active daily,were versatile,and play many diffrent game modes. We do clan ops and clan challenges every week,but its not a requirement. And we simply just want to win games. Im looking for team orientated players that play the objective,and are active daily(if you can) but overall im just looking for active players. Were also competive,and do clan battles/scrimmages weekly. We have members in the clan that does league play if your interested in that. If anyone wanna join then what are you waiting on? Apply now heres the link https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2275418