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    obvious solution for team killing in hardcore:  as you team kill and destroy friendly equipment in hardcore, watch as your scorestreak dissappears each and every time you go against the good of the team.

      watch as you deplete your scorestreak each and every time you team kill!  i don't actually play core, and i imagine that the appeal is the difficulty of playing the game without friendly fire?  anyways, a player must feel the penalty for team killing.  they can spawn much later than usual or they can take damage on themselves (which i think is just ricochet?).  i think team killing becomes a problem when a person is out to be a troll, and only in the game to be annoying?  i would suggest having a person lose many things each time they team kill, and maybe not just get the boot for badly tossed granades or whatever mistake was made to team kill?  i think that they should at least lose there scorestreak progress.  i don't know the possible order of the above mentioned punishments, but from what i understand there is a definently a problem with playing legit, but getting booted for teamkilling over an obvious mistake?


      again, i have no real investment in the arguement about team killing, and think that punishments should replace a teammate death!? but that is what probably makes hardcore, hardcore!?