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    REPORTING Invisible Hackers


      Everyone needs to report all hackers using Invisible hack/glitch via the in game reporting system; email activision and Infinity Ward; via twitter and Facebook. Boycott Ghosts if the refuse to take care of us and fix this!

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          So that is what that is man I ******* hate that.

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            I do report them, but that won't fix the problem. The problem is not going to be fixed by Activision slowly banning players one at a time, they need to have regular patches to prevent hackers. And I get the feeling they don't care, and unless they prove me wrong, I won't buy Ghosts.

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              So its been how long now with cheaters.  I played yesterday and had to join/backout of 14 lobbies in a row due to invisible hacks.  I report each one of them. You all say to keep reporting, but nothing is happening. I would take a game patch, but would love to see sony focus more on not allowing the ps4 to be jb. That would end all of our problems

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                I contacted activision via facebook yesterday...to ask about what is going to be done about the hackers.....They replied and said they are aware of the problems and are looking into the issue......And told me that i must report then with in game report system... So if you see these clowns jump out the game and REPORT them....