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        40. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

        While it's good that Infinity Ward are doing all these 'improvements', unless they're implemented in a good way and the core weapon balancing is done correctly, then they'll all be for nothing.

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          41. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

          One word.. hit enter now adn then and add spaces between your block of words. Not many people like reading jsut a wall of text.

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            42. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

            I still can't believe all the people who are insisting that they will pass on Ghosts nearly three months before its release. There is still time for Ghosts to be tweaked and "fixed" before then. The whole point of the MP reveal was to get the real hands on experience of actual gamers. I'm sure IW is looking over the criticisms coming from the people who played it for that MP reveal. To just have that event for promotional purposes only would have been stupid.


            I'm waiting until I see more gameplay and other news about Ghosts before deciding what my final judgements are. And even then, I won't be entirely sure unless I play the actual game that comes out on the release date.

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              43. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

              I think lots of those talking like that will end up getting Ghosts anyway lol A few weeks ago I wasn't really interested in Ghosts one bit at all, but after the reveal it's more than likely a game I'm going to try to get on launch, and possibly for the next gen version if/when I can move up to that one.

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                44. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                IIn my opinion it is because all the BattleField players are hating on CoD to get more people to play BF instead of leaving it and moving on...

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                  45. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                  I agree. People say that it looks like the same old CoD and that nothing has really changed, but IW has actually added some cool new features that I think are going to be fun. CoD has been extremely successful, so there was no need for drastic changes. I know that one big issue other than lag/connectivity in Black Ops 2 were the spawns. Although I do have fun playing Black Ops 2, that game is a total mess for spawns. In Ghosts though, it looks like the maps are a bit bigger which should help address that.

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                    46. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                    I don't hate on cod, have I liked the multi player in anygame since cod 4? not really with the exception of maybe mw3. I just find that the maps in all the recent games have been designed for faced paced close quarters combat where whoever see's who first wins 90% of the time, and there's been way to high of an emphasis on kill streaks instead of gun on gun action in the past couple games.


                    With that being said though ghosts has definiatley caught my interest. from what I've seen so far they've taken the best part of all the previous games, taken out most if not all of the bullshit and it looks great. The only thing i'm still a bit concerned about is map size and the spawn spoints, The maps we've seen look bigger than BO2 maps but their still on the small side.


                    Am I going to buy this game on launch ? No. I'm going to wait and watch youtube reviews and see if the lag Problem is fixed or at least greatly improved from BO2 and as long it is fixed I'll pick up a copy when the PS4 comes out, If not I'll pick up BF4 and wait until the next COD game with zombies is released.

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                      47. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                      Treyarch games = shitty multiplayer  but amazing zombies. IW games = fun addictive multiplayer with a shitty side game In my opinion of course

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                        48. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                        I wont be getting this one when it launches. I have waited on the last four, in line, at midnight with all the other CoD junkies...lol. So far, I am still looking at this one with suspicion. During the game play at the reveal, I saw someone spawn and get shot in the back immediately. To me it tells me they arent even giving two craps about the spawn system. It is not fun, at all, whatsoever, to be on the receiving end of a **** in progress due to spawn trapping.


                        Yes, there are many issues, as someone else pointed out earlier in the thread but that doesnt mean you get to take my money and then not even make an attempt at fixing things that sorely need to be fixed. The lag switching and modding are out of control at times. Worse than MW2 even. I havent seen blatant cheating in a MW2 lobby in a long time.


                        I dont want to win all the time and I can take a loss, I take my fair share, believe that.  All I want is an honest effort to fix the game instead of evolving it. Evolve it AFTER you fix it, that way its a good evolution instead a flailing disappointment. I understand some people still think that Blops 2 was awesome and thats great, I am glad you are getting enjoyment out of it but its become unbearable to even play it for 15 minutes(which is about how long it takes for me to just turn the xbox back off or switch out to BO1 or MW2 or Gears of War 3.


                        I have never played BF at all so I dont know what to expect but I am definitely going to be trying that one instead of flying blind on another CoD train to disappointment(first the MW3 fail and then Flops 2). Gonna check it out at friends houses and on YouTube and then if I think it looks worthwhile I may rent it to play it for a few days first and see how the multiplayer is. If I am impressed(and yes damnit that is what the customer not only expects but deserves)then I MAY buy the game. Till then I wait and do not hold much hope for an improvement other than cosmetic changes for the kiddies.


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                          49. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                          Madden gets tons of flak for their yearly games, many of the gamers don't even bother with the games each year in the first place lol Call of Duty definitely does more each year than Madden

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