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        30. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

        Exactly. If people think the developers haven't made enough changes to the game, they complain. But chances are, if the developers make a ton of changes, people will still complain, and start saying that the game isn't fun because it's not the CoD that has been so popular in the past.

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          31. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

          My apologies, I must have misunderstood your post.


          COD for years is the scapegoat of "copy and paste" video games. Because of it's popularity and large playerbase, it's gets a ton of hate from other FPS communities. They see COD as a game released yearly with different maps and weapons and some minor updates.


          I think gamers forget that other franchises such as FIFA, Madden, Need for Speed etc do the same thing as COD with their updates to their yearly games and call it a "new" game yet they don't get the same hate as COD. I'm sure people can argue that even Battlefield 4 is Battlefield 3.5 yet Battlefield players still get on the "COD hate" bandwagon while their franchise is heading in the same direction as well.


          They don't understand that if developers completely changed the COD formula, it wouldn't be COD and gamers may shift away from what they have enjoyed in the past.


          In saying that though, alot of these so called brand new features has been done before. I mean the leaning mechanic was in the game "F.E.A.R" (2005), I think Mark Rubin made a big deal (although I think it was intended as a joke) about Fish A.I which was in Super Mario 64 (1996) and the engine itself isn't "brand new" and that it could have been done in the current-gen consoles instead of waiting for next-gen consoles.




          No hate towards COD by the way, I thought the video was hilarious and somewhat true.

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            32. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

            "They don't understand that if developers completely changed the COD formula, it wouldn't be COD and gamers may shift away from what they have enjoyed in the past".


            I agree one hundred percent. Personally, I have a great time playing COD multiplayer. Whether its better or worse than any other FPS multiplayer comes down to preference of who is playing. I like COD because of the way the multiplayer gameplay works. It's fast-paced, close quarters, and fun to play. I also have a great time playing BF multiplayer. But one main reason I enjoy both is because of the fact that they are different. Both games are different, both games are good, and I have fun playing both games for what they are.


            Also, in response to your point about a lot of the new features already being in other games (ie. leaning mechanic), I think COD gamers should understand that the developers are most likely aiming for innovation within the COD series and not FPS as an entire genre. They're trying to do things that haven't been done in COD before. So I think that people who play COD should be looking forward to seeing some new features that have never been in COD before, instead of saying that it's not new because its been done in other games already. 


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              33. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

              Ghost is looking awesome. According to Driftor on youtube he thinks there will be less scoping camping and headglitching and it looks nice too.

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                34. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                I'm with you on that one. Personally, I'm really excited for Ghosts. I think it's going to be a great game. Granted that we have only seen a very limited amount of gameplay, but nevertheless I am really looking forward to it.

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                  35. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                  Honestly Call of Duty is far from fast paced. If anyone remembers its father, Quake 3, knows what fast paced is. Twitch shooters were the golden age of gaming, they helped popularize online shooters. If you like CoD for its pace, Quake 3 is vastly superior. The gameplay is amazing non-stop adrenaline action, the maps are varied and various. Quake 3 requires a larger degree of skill, that turns away those who fail to adapt to the skill (10 year-olds), and the trickjumping community of Quake greatly eclipses the trickshoting community of Call of Duty. The game is legendary, so much so that the community is still thriving, and their match will not burn out for another few good years.


                  I don't really mean to bash, but Call of Duty has acted like a cancer on the gaming industry. Studios throw away creativity for a chance to score in a game that is more about authenticity than gameplay. It's awful, I feel if this saturation of the market keeps on, I wouldn't be surprised to see the gaming industry crash again.

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                    36. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                    I'd blame that on competing developers not knowing how to make a popular game without copying Call of Duty, not so much Call of Duty itself.


                    And Call of Duty *is* fast paced, older games may have been faster but that doesn't mean Call of Duty now isn't fast paced. There aren't many other games out there that are as fast. Even though the fast paced, pinball action of Call of Duty gets old at times imo.

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                      37. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                      I agree, at first I wanted Call of Duty to change practically everything, just to be new. But it makes sense that they don't because it's in large part a formula that is fun. But they need to fix lots of things, primarily the connection (adding dedicated servers should help a lot). I think that upgrading the graphics to meet next gen capabilities would do a lot, also. Even though graphics aren't everything of course. And headglitching needs to go.

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                        38. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                        I know we've only seen a bit of Ghosts. But, because of the new movement mechanics, bigger maps for more playstyles, I think Ghosts will be blending the best of the COD series: Multiple playstyles, and fast paced gameplay without the clusterfk of pace BO2. BO2 isn't fast paced. It's clusterfk pace with tiny maps that create no time to think. The only playstyle BO2 supports is spawn, kill, spawn, kill. BO2 became boring to me very early on. My BO2 disc will become my new drink coaster then Ghosts comes out.

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                          39. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                          There will always be haters for COD. It has been like this for every COD game that I can remember. The makers can create a game that the majority of players like but there will always be people who hate on a part of the game they see and that will be all they complain about.


                          Its nothing new and it certainly wont stop.

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