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    The 3 things you like MOST so far from GHOSTS

      So many hate discussions are being made.. so I just wanted to make this one. What's the 3 things you like most so far from the game? Let's keep it at 3 points and keep the hating for the hate threads


      For me


      1) Less headglitch spots

      2) Soldier customization

      3) Squad vs Squad mode (Clans)


      For me, BO2 had so many headglitch spots that it was ridiculous. All the kids would just camp at the same headglitch spot and never move. Some people have mentioned that the covers in GHOSTS are around upper body and up (not just your head), and that's better because you're not supposed to shoot with your eyeballs! lol. I love the clan vs clan thing too because you can play matches with your friends/clan and see your progress. Anyone else?