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    Competitive ps3 clan looking for more members!



      lvl: 43

      Members: 82

      Clan kd:1.73


      - Active weekly

      - 2.00 kd or higher

      - Participate in clan battles





      Hey guys NationofAssassins is recruiting. Wanna know a little about us? Well were active daily,we always go for the win,and we are team orientated. Were also diverse and play alot of diffrent game modes such as,kill confirmed,groundwar,demolition,domination,tdm,capture the flag,hq,hardpoint,and sometimes even search and destroy. Were also competitive,and do clan battles almost daily. Im looking for members that are active daily,or every other day,and communicate well. If anyone is interested in joining then what are you waiting for? Apply now! heres the link https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2275418


      Also we want to start a youtube channel,so we can record our clan battles. So if you have a youtube,and can record for us then apply now