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    I Believe I Have Been Accidentally Banned

      This isn't one of those threads where people say that they shouldn't have been banned. I have been banned twice for boosting, that I accept. I knew that I was going to get permanently banned if I broke the rules, so I played 100% legit. I was playing a game on standoff where the whole other team left because someone on my team got two lodestars and a warthog. Shortly after leaving that game, I was in the pregame lobby where it kicked my to the main menu saying the profile (ToastyTo4st) has been permanently banned. I'm not saying I didn't do anything, but I would just like to know where I can contact Treyarch or Activision or whoever moderates these things and find out what I did. I am a season pass holder. Why would I get permanently banned? I want some clarification on this. I put this in the tech support section because I am thinking it must've been a glitch or something.