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    What the next Treyarch cod game should be like

      The idea about diesel punk from origins made me think: the next call of duty made by Treyarch should be entirely like this. Imagine the Nazis using the teleporters from zombies to go back to WW1 and help Germany win. This would offer so many new things and possibly wonder weapons oin campaign and multiplayer. And even having zombies in campaign! Plus giant robots walking around all over the place would be epic. Maybe even a giant roobot 25 point killstreak as a rival ti MW 2&3's nuke killstreak? Plus this would give treyarch an excuse to go back to NAZI Zombies.

      Character customization should be an option. Maybe, even choosing your own type of knife!

      If treyarch is making another cod, this has to be it. The end all be all. Call of duty has taken us to the ast present and future, I think it's time to take us some place new.

      Wonder weopons in certain multilayer modes, blimps instead of copters, big ass robots, mechs, this is what cod needs. It would be the perfect blend of blac ops 2, zombies, and World at War.