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    New Boosting Method?

      I recently had a game of Demolition on Raid where the opposing team showed the classic signs of boosting, amounts of the "Unstoppable" Medal that seem beyond even highly skilled players. However, the game seemed to start normally, up until our team, first on the offensive, planted one of the two bomb sites.


      At this point, they completely ignored the bomb that had been planted, suddenly setting up a very, very effective line of Tactical Insertions placed as such where our own team's spawning locations were limited to perhaps two points, occassionally a random slipping through to the rest of the map. However, this was the least of our problems, as time went out and we put it down to normal spawn trapping.


      The second round, however, changed radically.


      Within two minutes, my entire team was limited to spawning, on the defensive side, almost exclusively in the triangular garden with the boulder in the middle. Very, very seldom someone managed to kill the enemy on the left hand stairs to get into the basketball court, yet the way the tactical insertions (yes, all six of them) were set, they were cut down by two or three concerted attackers. It reached a point where literally you could not take more than three steps, if you were lucky not to spawn into gunfire. Additionally, I noticed that many times, I spawned into shots fired a full second before I spawned, precisely aimed where I did spawn.


      I filed reports on all six members of the enemy team, who retorted that given my 17-72 K/D from the spawn trap was "evidence of boosting".


      My PSN name is WhiteWolfMoon. I believe this might be a new variety of boosting, or at very least extreme abuse of the spawnpoints set on a map. During the second round, unless the left hand enemy was killed, we ONLY spawned in that garden. Save two or three minor instances of random spawning on the enemy's start side, yet with Orbital VSAT, this made no major difference with only one member at a time appearing. This lasted the entire second round, during which they completely ignored the second bomb, despite my team having no ability to counter them, pushing into overtime.


      The names of the enemy team are as follows:

      [Removed by Moderator]


      All five were in a party, and had a sixth member who's name I missed taking down. I have also saved a copy of the film to my player channel on my PSN account on BO2.



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          Re: New Boosting Method?

          Removed names for privacy reasons. Will keep thread open for discussion.


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            Re: New Boosting Method?

            There isn't anything new about spawn killing in Demolition. It's been happening for years and is the main reason I don't play Demolition anymore.

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              Re: New Boosting Method?

              it's just a way of abusing the spawns on demo that people have been using for quite a while, i remember it being pretty common since the first black ops

              it's pretty much why i avoid demolition

              and people having an insane amount of unstoppables usually points towards the prestige master glitch which i'm sure these people are not above doing

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                Re: New Boosting Method?

                Top Fighter: I do apologize. Thank you though.


                I still don't quite understand the depth of how badly the spawn points where manipulated. I know that even in Demolition, there are multiple tiers of spawns that in the case that if one is threatened, it pushes you to another to give you a minor advantage of positioning.


                In this case, however, we DID not spawn in any other point than what they were aiming at. One of the spawn points (Basketball Court) was completely unoccupied. Yet we only spawned in the triangular garden.


                By the way, and editing primary post, the map was Raid.

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                    Re: New Boosting Method?

                    ever thought of running EMP grenades on a class to remove the Tac's? If you know where they were Tacing and managed to chuck an emp grenade there then they would be probably be spawing back in their spawn to give you a chance to get out and clear out the rest.


                    I wouldn't call It boosting as such, they were effective with their tac's and with the strategy they used, so in my opinion - not boosters but just a bunch of dicks, it's never nice to play against a team like that...

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