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        60. Re: Anybody else fed up?

        Coaltower wrote:


        your really going to compare a 1 dollar sandwhich to a software product that has cost us up to 150$?? theres no comparison. when i run my accounting software, if i have any technical issues with the software itself,  i have immeadiate online support at my finger tips.


        and trust me i know what you mean when you talk about kids who claim lag when its not. i dont mind being out guned, i just have a problem when what im seeing is not really happening. eg someone shooting me when facing a different direction, character models not portraying their exact location due to it "predicting" where the model will move


        and ive seen all those videos except the 3rd one lag is my least concern, my greatest concern is when my tv is not showing me what is happening in actualility.

        I might be mistaken i will have to look, but the game as far as I know doesnt predict where your going to be. Could you say more about what is exactly happening when this goes on? (trying to get a better understanding)


        When you see people killing you while not looking at you, that is something that has always kind of bugged me about the series since CoD 4. usually its the result of a player having their sensitivity up and the game not keeping up with the turn.


        and actually I compared a 1 sandwhich to a $60 game. you payed extra for extra stuff. extra, you didnt pay them that to specifically fix issues for you, nor did they sell them to you for that purpose. Kinda like me getting fires and a coke XD.  For a $60 this game runs pretty dam well. I have played games where you it was ruined every game because of lag. That new spartacus game on XBL is one. Havent spoken to one person there who has had a lagless game or one even halfway decent.


        Yes Black ops 2 has issues. It has lag issues, if you want to see it that way, but there are reasons why its like that, has been like that and will likely be like that in the future. all of those reasons have been discussed at one point or another. Some aspects can be improved, but we as the game should realise things are not always so simple.

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          61. Re: Anybody else fed up?

          Coaltower wrote:

          you sound like a communist. i am not allowed to voice my dissapointment? this is america my friend. there are thousands of posts that complain about the same problems.


          Not everyone lives in America. This is a public discussion board located on the Internet. You agreed to follow the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct upon registration. Attacking other members because you do not agree with their opinions will cause your content to be locked or deleted. If their posts contain offensive materials report it and allow the moderators to handle it.


          Users are not entitled to their own thread if duplicate threads already exist. We do our best to purge such threads and redirect users to active discussions, but some will slip through. It happens.


          deamonomic wrote:

          BTW now reporting this thread as it seems like its not a place for discussion but simply a place for you to complain and insult others who have differing opinions. TROLL THREAD.


          Refrain from publicly announcing when you report a thread or post. All it does is escalate the situation.


          SeraphOne wrote:

          I've been down this road with these two before.

          Either this is the response they're after or they work for the company. You'd have thought the mods would have taken some action by now but since they're all mates it's no surprise


          No one receives special treatment from us. Everyone is obligated to abide by our rules. Those who fail to follow the rules are punished accordingly.


          Two of the moderators are attending the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal event in LA and another is busy with other matters. Apologies if reports are not completed in a timely manner.


          To the rest of the community:


          Refrain from participating in threads when they have derailed in to hostility and personal attacks. I understand you want to have your voice heard in the matter, but it will only cause you to be hit with a warning or ban.


          PM if you have further questions, comments, or concerns.




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