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    Difficult to join multiplayer games.


        I have been reading the forums, and experiencing some issues similar to some players of having difficulties in joining games. Happened recently, now in my search preference I have to set my search from default value of 160ms to 300 which is the max ping to find servers.


      My in game ping goes to 290++ from 130ms. My NAT option changes from moderate to open, still having the same problems. Whenever multiplayer starts looking for a game, I will always be placed in an empty room, which never happens before. This will happen everytime, if I exit the lobby and try again. I have to wait for players to join in. I can still start the game, but will have to wait for a long time.


      I am playing from cambodia, my download is about 5mb and upload is about 7mb to my isp. I don't have any problems playing before, but recently it becomes hard to join any games.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Re: Difficult to join multiplayer games.

          Tough luck, man. The best "help" they'll offer you is to come in here asking what your connection type is and your download speed.

          Your matchmaking problems won't be fixed until either 3arc themselves decide to change back the matchmaking to before patch 1.13, which completely broke it, OR you can always move to the States, which was probably the whole reason why Treyarch screwed you over. They decided to cater to the U.S. players complaining about having to play with a gamer from, for example, Mexico, because "oh his internet is crap, now I won't have a good game and my K/D will drop."

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            Re: Difficult to join multiplayer games.

            Hello Thepra, thanks for contacting us today. Sorry to hear about the connection issues! Your ping sounds very high - anything over 50ms will have problems playing online. Are you using a wireless connection? Can you double check your ping at pingtest.net?


            The game will attempt to match you with players on a similar connection - and it is possible your high ping is limiting your choices.


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              Re: Difficult to join multiplayer games.

              Partner up with someone from the U.S. and have them find lobbies for you, man. Your connection will be around 2 bars usually, but that's alot better than waiting around forever thanks to the unneeded tweaking that was done to the matchmaking in patch 1.13. Maybe they'll change it back soon, disable the region/local-based matchmaking that they added for who knows what reason, until then you'll have to party up to find games within a reasonable time.

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