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    AGR Didn't Deploy?

      It was on Standoff - in the middle of the road - and the AGR Box landed and then never opened. It just sat there. After a little while it disappeared.


      I've had them not deploy because they landed on a roof or something - but never just sit there on level ground.

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          Re: AGR Didn't Deploy?

          I have had the same on aftermath , Similar thing sometimes happens to carepackages ( can't open them or they dont appear / become bouncy ) .

          It is down to connection to the host , Poor host connection can make some crazy things happen in game .


          I have 2 good examples of this . The other day i was lagging so hard in the game that the bullet casings being ejected out of my gun , Instead of falling to the ground would stay floating on the screen as i ran around .

          The same game i throw a care package down .The map is meltdown an i threw the package near the yellow enclosed turbines by the sea front.

          Chopper came but no packaged dropped . I checked the whole area just incase it was not showing on the gamepad map .

          Ran off in the direction of the spawn where the forklift truck is ,Searched about an ran back in the same direction to where i threw the carepackage , as i round the corner i can see the package (about 90ft away ) but if i walk any closer it vanishes . Spent about 45 seconds walking backwards and forwards to make sure my eyes was not decieving me .


          I laughed it off and ran back towards the forklift area again to which the the sound of a enemy stealing your package just happened .

          Thought the game was wigging out , left it at that .


          It wasnt until the next day that i went back and looked at the theatre mode of the game in question.

          Went back to the bit where i threw down the package , turns out that it did drop exactly where i had placed it and i had been running around it and looking from a distance ( watching myself walk backwards and forwards for nearly a minute was quite amusing ) and then the enemy stole it .

          I wish i had recorded the game to show a comparison of the 2 as it was the best example of poor host connection that i could have asked for .


          It is probably the biggest issue on  BO2 that is far worse than what i have had on any other cod , the picking of hosts and the lag compensation can make some games unplayable and other games make you nearly invincible

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            Re: AGR Didn't Deploy?

            dont worry. did it open afterwards? then i guess you are ok

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              Re: AGR Didn't Deploy?

              A few days ago I was following around an AGR with my balck hat trying to hack it. Everytime the black hat would connect to the AGR, the AGR would start glitching and bouncing around the screen. My black hat would lose connection when that happened. Have the hackers invaded the Wii U?

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                  Re: AGR Didn't Deploy?

                  There's one hack out there - or so they say - but I don't know of any others.

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                      Re: AGR Didn't Deploy?

                      There's definitely a few glitches that can be exploited , but hacks ......none to date


                      Before anyone reply's with " how would you know / my friend hacks " etc etc , This is not the wii so codes dont work as there is no access to the ram like on the wii .

                      Secondly , There is no known copy of blops 2 for the U .Though it will be very similar to the 360 coding , there is no way to tell .

                      There is also no way to implement a game save mod nor any other so called "hack" as there is no way to exploit the U to date ( wiikeyu or whatever they are calling it is BS until proven )



                      I understand that the wii was a wash with cheats an modding , But this is a new console with very different architecture , What happened on the wii will stay on the wii , Go look at the ps3 / 360 for what can be done & it is no where near as bad as what the nintendo community has had to deal with over the last few years with the wii .

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