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    watch this death...


      heres a short video of exactly what ive been dealing with everyday. just last week a friend got downed and revived ten times rapidly then died, every single down counted on his leaderboards.

      keep in mind the game was running fine until i got to the tunnel, then connection issues and lag started, i opened every door and bought every perk, pack-a-punched etc, then get downed like this. something is drastically wrong with the servers or something, and ive asked as to why in other threads and support wont even comment, let alone updates or patches. something like this happens to me nearly every day.


      if anyone would like to see the whole vid friend me, its in my theater, BobbyMcGee.


      also a huge thanks to barolb for recording the vid and editing in the connection/scoreboard. i wouldnt have been able to put this up myself, and i can tell you guys all day long i keep getting crap downs but i think showing it is better. thanks guys and hopefully support will finally comment about what da faq is happening...

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          Re: watch this death...

          I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this problem is probably gonna be here to stay

          I have a feeling that treyarch not only don't have the time to find the problem with this and may others , They actually don't want to try to fix it .


          Every time they have made a patch which tried to fix a few problems , they created more .

          For them to try an fix the problem with zombies would take double the time it should , first they would find the problems and patch them .......then spend the same amount of time undoing the last patch with a new patch which might not solve the problem of the first let alone the second patch .


          But then what do i know , they could be making a patch to fix all previous patch mistakes as i type

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              Re: watch this death...

              I stumbled across a vid in cod tv uploaded by sonic2000 or sonicboom 2000, something like that, he gets down the exact same way except he's inside the bus at farm. Same emp sound, blasted backwards and out of the bus as it drives off...

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