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    please help

      i don,t get why you guys complain so much i play ps3 so just wondering

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          Kind of an ignorant question, to be honest. http://community.callofduty.com/message/414032145#414032145


          What about the date looks funny? Ah yes, patch support stopped for the game quite a while ago and all while there were still noticeable glitches and problems. The connection on the game varies from being bad to good, Wii Remote doesn't completely work properly (a control scheme partially broken), aim assist is stronger on the Wii U version (compared to the PS3 and 360 from what i've heard from others).


          There are many reasons to complain about this game on the Wii U. The only decent things that the Wii U version has that the other versions don't have is off tv play, Wii remote (motion control, even though it's screwy) and those sniper patches that treyarch issued recently. That's it.

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            First, what did you need help with? Lol

            Second, in addition to what barolb said, We havent gotten DLC at all and we've been ignored by devs. We have a good reason to complain, unlike you PS3 peeps, who got the whole package.

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              check my thread titled servers and theres my answer. could write a book on all the buggy, glitchy sh!t i go through everyday...

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                A grammar nazi would rip you to bits and tell you to go school more and play less cod