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    Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

      So, i was playing quite a bit last week/almost 2 weeks ago, and i actually got quite a few pretty good clips and some potentially great ones too. I even went on a 18 kill streak, at one point, while switching between two snipers I didn't think i'd get some fairly decent clips on Black Ops 2 again, but i'm fairly happy with having went on to play the game. I got these clips  from July 17th-24th. I forgot to put another XPR clip i got, and the sniper streak isn't included since it's too long. There are also 2 non sniping clips, but still pretty nice ones so i threw them in there



      Anyone tempted to try Wii Remote sniping?

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          Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

          You're good. Controller settings please?

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            Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

            Thats how I (used to) snipe. You just feel very good and in complete control when you are stringing some kills together. Behind the wall, getting out to take the snot annd going back in. The Da scrubs other guys, will probably will probably call it "cheap" or "noob" but iit is so satisfying.

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              Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

              nice, thats one thing id like to learn to use, but theres way too much sway for me and can never get it on target.

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                  Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                  If you learn to use the sway to your advantage, it can work. Also, scoping out as soon as you shoot seems to be important for sniping with the Wii Remote in this game. If you don't, the sway will be even worse.


                  Should i make some how to videos with sniping using the Wii Remote?

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                  Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                  Nice video, every shot well earned. Nice to see you switch to a blade while relocating too instead of using the rifle like a AR. I could think of someone in this forum (pretend sniper) who should watch and learn from this..

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                      Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                      Is that me? I feel so special. I used to do that stuff with the wiimote. Then they messed it up with the patches and I havent really used it since. I know its better now, but im tired of people being bitchy cause its a wiimote. ahaha i was just using it on thursday because my gamepad died and i was doing really well with it, running around with the msmc. I think i got 3 VSATs in one game

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                        Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                        In some cases i do spam the sniper rifle though. If i'm too lazy to switch constantly, then i'll spam, or other times i'll randomly try going for no scopes (whenever i feel like it). When i'm in tough situations, and i have an SVU on hand, i will spam a bit, but usually i like to have perfection when it comes to sniping with the Wii Remote.

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                        Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                        ichilenozo sees the video...TEARS (of joy and nostalgia) OVER HIS FACE


                        I used to snipe like that with a bolt-action rifle (ftw) after launching date...but after succesive patches the controls got worse and worse. Then a month ago I tried some scorestreaks that used to control like crap but found now they are good.


                        So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...if you look down on the threads posted, I posted a meesage about useful wiimote control schemes I can use (speed, reach, etc). I know you took your time finding the right one but I also used to spend tie and training...but now I don't understand the point system anymore, nor I have time to try werid configurations.


                        p.s.: Still controlling the sentry gun and mounted guns is an impossible Wiimote task though...facepalm when he thinks on the nerd developers working on this game.....

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                          Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                          you must have an insanely slow hip turn though...what happens if enemies are coming from 90 degrees or behind you?, does it takes you forever to aim?

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                              Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping




                              I posted it in your thread. It's a weird kind of set up, but it works nicely for myself. I can't guarantee it working well for others though. I have a lazy eye, and my hand eye coordination can vary (it can be godly or it can be ****). This is what happens when you have two eyes that actually don't coordinate with eachother to view objects. Right across from me, a sheet is over an object and on a slant, but it looks perfectly straight. If it weren't for the fact that i could see the slant on one end (because the object's on a slant too), then i would have no way of telling it was a non-slanted object. My settings are set up to make it easier for myself to play; and in addition to that my setup works with nearly every gun. The only ones i'm a bit iffy on are the pistols X_X


                              Taking into account the comfort of the control scheme and settings comes first for me instead of a competitive advantage. Competitive advantages mean nothing if you can't play fine because the controls are awkward for you. if they're comfortable for you, then you can do better.



                              If an enemy is coming from directly behind me, i found a trick back in Black Ops Wii that makes the character turn faster when using the Wii Remote. It's my own special trick, but it works and still works in Black Ops 2 to some extent. It doesn't help me turn stupidly fast, but i can turn fast enough so there is a chance i can counter attack if the enemy misses their shots on me (which can or cannot happen often, so i make up for it in my class setups). I take into account alot of things when i try to make something or do something; it's a force of habit, but it's a good habit.

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                              Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                              hardscoping and you switch weapons on cqc? thats refreshing. nice vid btw.

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                                  Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                  It depends. if i'm rushing, sometimes i won't switch weapons because i want to save time from having to switch back to the sniper. The majority of the time i switch weapons when running some distance just to avoid having a comfortation where there's not a good chance i'll be the winner of the fight. Besides, i'm quite good with using the ballistic knife, and it's a one shot one kill weapon. I'd have an easier time taking out a player with it up close than taking them out with a sniper.


                                  I do like multi-tasking though. When i finish off the first half of the challenges for gold guns, i will remove all attachments, all perks, and all lethals and non-lethals in some cases and just go nuts. I get it done faster that way Some of my classes i have overkill with 2 snipers, or a sniper and an assault rifle or shotgun or something that i haven't got gold on yet. While sniping, i could switch to it and work on the challenges for it to finish them up. So it all depends, but as a general standard class, it's either:


                                  Ballista and DSR; Lightweight, Toughness, fast Hands, Dexerity; Semtex, Shock Charge; Overkill, Perk 2 Greed

                                  Ballista and Ballistic Knife; Lightweight, Toughness, fast hands, Dexerity; Semtex or Grenade or Tomohawk, Shock Charge; Perk 2 Greed

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                                  Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                  I might give it a try again. What do you use to record? I just have an ipod, but i was wondering if there was an easier alternative that wasnt too expensive

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                                      Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                      Not sure how many times i've answered this question XD Anyways, i use Game Capture HD and EyeTV 250 Plus (EyeTV 250 Plus is a discontinued model from the EyeTV line; its been replaced by EyeTV HD). I did jump on the bandwagon for Game Capture HD, but unlike ALOT of people who use it now, i've been using Elgato's products for years. I've been using them since 2007, i think?


                                      Recording stuff these days isn't an inexpensive proposition, but there are still some options left, but it still varies. If you TV has an audio/video OUT, HDMI out, or something, you could buy a card that will hook into your computer and record using freeware video capture software. While that is one option, another option is getting an easycap and optimizing its settings. If you have a decently powerful computer, you could have good video quality that is comparable to dazzle at least if not a little bit better, but still not comparable to HD capture devices or cards.




                                      I'd also suggest reading up on S-Video, Composite, Component, and HDMI connections. It can be fairly useful doing so. The video above shows the difference between Composite and S-Video use. S-Video is slightly higher quality than Composite Yellow; all while Component splits up the video signal among several wires (red/orange, green blue for video and another red and white for audio) instead of 3 wires (red and white for audio, and yellow for video). It's more technical, but just know that component offers higher quality than composite and S-Video. Between these 2 types, they are analog signals i believe. HDMI is a digital signal. HDMI also offers the best quality between the three.


                                      While i won't give a complete explanation here, if you look into capture devices and capture cards, then you must be aware that there is a distinct difference between capture devices and capture cards and among other related subjects. Capture cards and capture devices  are the same, but not the same. Capture Cards are for inserting into your laptop (if it has extra space) and desktop tower. Capture devices are standalone hardware that does not function insider of the computer, but functions along side it. A major difference between the two is that capture devices can handle the encoding of the audio/video, but some capture devices actually don't handle that in order to reduce the cost of the unit, as with Game Capture HD. It uses the computer to encode the audio/video. Cost is also taken into account if you look at the specifications of the units and what they can capture at. Non-HD capture devices will not capture at anything higher than 576i, which is also the Wii's highest output (some Wii games did offer it, surprisingly). Anyways, usually non-HD capture devices will capture at highest 480p at some frame rate. frame rate is something we're all familiar with, but it's good to keep in mind that the capture framerate depends on the output's framerate. In some cases there si no output besides the TV, so people would use splitters or distribution amplifiers. Splitters generally split the signal going to one device into two (or more, i think) devices, but by doing so quality can decrease. Some people choose to use distribution amplifiers, and by using them the quality will remain consatnt, with not nearly as much quality loss as using splitters. Unfortunately, they are a bit expensive, but fortunately they are available from splitting the VGA to HDMI.... Getting a bit off topic, but anyways... Framerate is capture at a set amount, but the visuals of the media being capture will act exactly the same because everything outputted from the media. So, framerate from the original device (in this case game consoles) is important. Black Ops 2 on the Wii U doesn't have it that bad at all, and to some extent i'd say it looks better than the PS3 and 360 versions (At least, in the campaign it's noticeable).  If you look at 1080p and 1080i, video capture in 1080i usually has a higher frame rate. I'm not entirely sure why, to be honest, but just know that while interlaced in 1080 has a higher framerate in video capture, 1080p has better quality.


                                      List of cheapest capture devices (i know of) in order of least to most expensive



                                      Dazzle (Pinnacle)

                                      Video Capture (Elgato)

                                      Game Capture Pro (Roxio)

                                      HD PVR2 Gaming Edition (Hauppage)

                                      Game Capture HD Pro (Roxio)

                                      HD PVR2 (Hauppage)

                                      Game Capture HD (Elgato)

                                      EyeTV HD -Mac only (Elgato)


                                      There are many others that i don't know about specifically like Black Magic Intensity, or the other Hauppage in tower capture cards, etc. I do have a reference for a list of ALL capture cards and devices though. It's pretty ridiculous, and you can find it here (http://www.videohelp.com/capturecards). The above i listed are pretty mainstream, which is why i know a fair bit about them. I made an AppleScript that allows me to do live commentaries with game Capture HD when using EyeTV 3, although i also had one in the making specifically for the Game Capture HD program its self, but that went extinct the second Elgato introduced that new live commentary update in the software Interestingly enough, all these devices here, if you have the software its self, you could possible create a script to run them and record live commentaries; almost like a cheap Audio Hijack Pro kind of thing. Scripting is nothing more than a means of telling programs to do stuff, and many scripts can be quite helpful in terms of automating your computer. I still have yet to get my EyeTV 3 scripts working, but i have one made so that if it meets special conditions (like lets say i record a clip on Black Ops 2) it will automatically prompt me to name it. Unfortunately, Elgato told me that there are is no way to auomate the export process, so i can't have it completely automated (as cool as that would be). Still, scripts are awesome for these kinds of things.


                                      There are some cases where you can have video quality from devices like iPods/iPhones, etc to be very good. If you noticed, camras have a fish eye kind of effect (not sure what it's called exactly, to be honest) and actually so does the human eye i'm pretty sure (cameras were modeled after it, afterall). The fish eye effect doesn't cause a perfect capture, and as a result, most of the time when you try to capture video of a object whose dimensions are symmetrical it will look off. Some part of it that's not within the frame of the object (e.g TV frame) will be included like part of the wall or whatever. Finding a focal point of where the amount of area in the background is the least, and the right lighting settings, could help with capture with iPhone to make the camera quality looks good. I'd have to see it for myself to be sure, but yeah. it wouldn't be extraorindary, but it would be pretty decent and the cheapest option, probably. Second to this would be the Easycap suggestion i noted above.



                                      Anyways, yeah, long post, but if you're looking into some options, keep some fo the stuff i noted in mind. There aren't always perfect mainstream devices that will fit your needs. I know of a few Youtubers who don't use any of the mainstream devices i listed, and use different kinds of capture devices.


                                      Also, if i made any mistakes anywhere in my post here, anyone is free to correct me on it. Knowing information well and thoroughly is important, IMO.



                                      One last thing: It wouldn't hurt to participate in some contests some Youtubers have, or even Elgato's contests either. Many people these days are being sponsored by Elgato (i wouldn't mind being sponsored by them either; it would be awesome) and do giveaways for Capture Devices/Capture Cards. The chances of winning can be slim, but it can't hurt to still participate in them. Luck could be on your side; you never know.


                                      I got 10% off my Game Capture HD just when they were starting to roll out thanks to Elgato's 10 years deal. Shipping did kill that deal though... 40 freaken dollars for shipping X_X

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                                      Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                      now we need you to add music and sync everything together.


                                      can the turn speeds be increased at all?


                                      have you tried anything higher?

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                                          Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                          I have tried making montages several times now, but all attempts have failed. I seriously have no creativity when it comes to making stuff like this. My  sense of creativity comes in only when i have a surge of ideas to do stuff.  It works when i was thinking of building a hoverboard. I had a ton of ideas of what could be done to attempt to make one (and unlike when i have these kind of ideas, i actually wrote most of them down!). At some point i'd love to figure out how Tesla did some of his experiments though, but unfortunately my knowledge and understanding at the moment kind of sucks X_X Some of the stuff he did still hasn't been figured out by people/scientists/inventors, even 100 years later >_>



                                          Some of the clips in this video, and others i've hit, feel like they've been done before, which got me the idea of doing it with a song i got into listening from Steins;Gate (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s88RcKhPLo8). 98% of it is in English, while 2% is Japanese, which may be a bit weird, but Steins;Gate is a time travel story, so naturally if clips look too similar then they could be passed as 'redoing' reality if put together in editing/time was 'reversed' and redone. I tried though, and the result sucked in comparison to any montage i have watched. It was that bad, but i was still happy with it, sort of, since it was the best looking incomplete montage i've ever made in an editor XD Still, if anyone wants to take a whack at my clips for editing, anybody is welcome to.



                                          There's a rule i follow in everyday life, and it's a very simple one: Don't mess with things that work; only mess with it if you're not happy with it. I'm happy with the controls, so i see no need to change them.

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                                              Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                              hey i pm'd you about a match my girlfriend and i were in, if you could help me out id really appreciate it.

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                                                Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                You should watch the Steins;Gate anime, it's good, decent English dub too.

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                                                  Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                  well the reason why is cuz they were some pretty cool clips, and if you needed an editor...well...i could be on service.


                                                  and what the heck times do you play cuz i want to play with you against those guys!


                                                  imma add you man!

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                                                      Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                      Your welcome to if you want. I put the video together using the YouTube editor, so i still have all clips individually uploaded. I don't have all of my clips individually uploaded though. There are still several of them that aren't uploaded.



                                                      I play at whatever time i feel like, since this is summer. I'm usually either watching TV, reading, on here, or on my Wii U. Some days i'm actually just studying because i'm bored. I definitely need to work on getting my resume more up to date though. I have to get more volunteer experience X_X


                                                      NID: Barolb

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                                                          Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping



                                                          well, i have an elgato GCHD so i can record straight from your player channel.


                                                          if you tell me what vids to look at like...date, time and map....i can go in an get the clips and put it together.


                                                          i already got a song that would fit perfectly.

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                                                              Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                              I haven't marked all of them in theatermode. Since i usually record them myself, i don't normally do it. I don't know if all of them are still there, but the triple headshot feed clip is. I made sure of that If they aren't in my theatermode, then i still have them individually uploaded, as unlisted videos, on YouTube.



                                                              Here are the dates and times and maps:


                                                              Ballistic Knife Switch: 2013-07-17 2:10 PM; Map: Plaza

                                                              Triple Headshot Feed (saved in theatermode edited films)

                                                              17 Kill streak Ballista, SVU, Ballistic Knives: 2013-07-17 5:01 PM; Map: Raid

                                                              Ballistic Knife headshot + Sniper headshots: 2013-07-17 5:40 PM; Map: Standoff

                                                              Collateral headshot Ballista/triple feed ballista: 2013-07-17 6:40 PM; Map: Plaza

                                                              Unnamed- Ballista triple feed/collateral ballista: 2013-07-17 7:49 PM; Map: Standoff

                                                              Wallbang collateral: 2013-07-18 1:46 PM; Map: Raid

                                                              split triple ballista feed, 2 headshots: 2013-07-18 3:51 PM; Map: Standoff

                                                              triple feed ballista + extra: 2013-07-18 4:39 PM; Map: Cargo

                                                              4 piece ballistic knife streak: 2013-07-18 5:20 PM; Map: Slums

                                                              6 piece ballista: 2013-07-19 4:34 PM; Map: Slums

                                                              7 piece ballista: 2013-07-19 5:23 PM; Map: Standoff

                                                              4 XPR: 2013-07-19 6:58 PM; Map: Cargo (this was the XPR clip i forgot to include)

                                                              split quad feed r870: 2013-07-21 12:59 AM; Map: Hijacked

                                                              Ballista extended double headshot feed: 2013-07-21 11:06 PM; Map: Raid

                                                              sniper switch mid air no scope: 2013-07-22 2:05 AM; Map: Cargo

                                                              split triple 2/3 headshot feed: 2013-07-22 2:37 AM; Map: Hijacked

                                                              Triple Collateral Ballista: 2013-07-24 4:39 AM; Map: Express

                                                              triple feed XPR 2 headshots: 2013-07-24 8:56 PM; Map: Cargo


                                                              Times are taken from the time stamps on my EyeTV recordings. The time on recordings don't nescessarily match the times in theatermode. The recordings in theatermode are shown to be done about 13 hours earlier than when i actually recorded them. Also, the names i've given are the raw file names i've given to the recordings, as well as their timestamps. You should be able to tell which clips are which from this.

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                                                      Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                      Very impressive sir!

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                                                        Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                        Just got my first quad feed with a gun in Black Ops 2. I got one with the SMR... The first 2 kills may have been a collateral? O_o

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                                                          Re: Seven Days of Wii Remote Sniping

                                                          when does the new patch for u heard bo2?

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