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      i´ve seen a lot of people impulsivly saying that this will be a day one purshase wich i personally consider a mistake, i will rather wait till i see full support and why not? DLC too, i wont buy the game if this expectations arent met, in a way i did support the wii u community by buying black ops2 at release date and have periodically been playing since then, but after no new content, lots of glitches, OP weapons and more importantly no support i did got tired, yes this was my first COD game EVER the thing is i bought it for both ps3 and wii u, so yeha i was shocked when i saw how the wii u version was treated, i played more on the wii u because of the controllers (gamepad, wiimote, pro controller wich i consider better than an xbox 360 controller since its lighter and batteries dont take that much space) and because i do want to support wii u in all ways possible but damn it i cant keep wasting my money in a game that its not going to be in its full potential just because devs dont want, so ill wait and watch closely how things go to make my desicion, other people may think otherwise and dispite i consider it a mistake i respect their desicions.

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