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    Nikolai and the new story revelations

      Alright, so - I just recently watched everythingpiff's new video on his theory about nikolai -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEZTTyWG5Ns


      and I think it is actually pretty promising. Basically he says that it is suspicious that quite a few things in Blops 2 zombies appear with red eyes. When things have colored eyes we normally associate them with the person in control, blue is Richtophen, yellow is Maxis or Sam, etc. Many things on Nikolai's bio point to him being embodied by red.


      Tedd the tranzit driver, if you knife him enough - his eyes turn red. MOTD has red eyed zombies, etc. Nikolai gave sam the teddy bear, so he is connected to F.E.A.R   T.E.D.D.D.Y. If you really want the complete run down just watch the video. O and by the way Nikolai actually liked his fifth wife, but she suddenly killed herself while cleaning Nikolai's axe with her neck... Hello the hell's retreiver was an axe, it was red, it was in the map where the zombies had red eyes.


      Now for the real point. After watching I saw the top comment was "MAYBE THE WHICH FROM BURIED IS Nikolai 5th wife" Now this got me thinking, Nikolai has said some quotes on his wives. So I looked through Nikolai's quotes and I found a few interesting ones. At http://nazizombies.wikia.com/wiki/Nikolai_Belinski/Quotes I found that Nikolai says : "First it takes my money, then it disappears... just like my fourth wife" Now doesn't that ring a bell? When the witch in buried touches you, it takes money away from you; then it disappears... just like Nikolai's fourth wife.


      This is a stretch but Nikolai also says: "That smells disgusting... like my fourth wife. She pretty though... pretty and smelly, weird combo" Now when you kill the witch a small gust of purple stuff comes out of her right? Maybe her stank?


      Other than that I think that piff's theory is probably correct, what with the nikolai quote on MOTD.

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          The "Fear Teddy" and "Teddy Is A Liar" quotes are referring to Edward Richtofen.. Not the Teddy Bear..

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            Pretty good with a lot of proof. What really got me was the quotes

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              People are overthinking things way, way too much at this point.

              First off, the Space Monkeys in Ascension and the Hell Hounds also have red eyes, going by the theory that Nikolai controlls everything with red eyes, he also must control these. So are they attacking him and the rest of the crew then?

              Secondly, MotD takes place before Nikoai is even involed in the zombies story line. How can he control the zombies if he doesn't even know about them yet?

              Third, the quotes about Nikolai's wives are jokes and nothing more.

              Fourth, The ghost more than likely lived in that town which is from the American west. Care to explain how Nikolai was married to someone nearly on the other side of the world in the 1940's?


              Honestly, this might be one of the worst theories I have seen in a long time. People take one little tiny thing and then try to draw as many connections as they can and come up with these crazy ideas that in the end are just stupid.

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                kudo shinichi 1

                Here is a theory with Nikolai, Now think about this mob of the dead is the earliest point in the zombie story line. When you begin you are already in hell looping over the same events. Now then for al to hear Nikolias name does that not sound a bit odd? I mean why his out of any of the characters to chose from his. And while one could claim it is a throw away line then why not use the characters that are in this game for that line.  What is intresting is hell or any place of the sort does not opperate on time, you are the eturnaly so it could be possible that mob of the deads triger date was durring new years eve of 1933 but what we do not know is how long the have been going threw that loop and how long it takes. The opening cutscene suggest that they seem to go  back pretty far each time they loop with zombies. But to my point why would someone that is in hell here a persons name? Last we saw of the old crew was on moon but how long ago was that? How have they been surving whether it be basic things needed to live or fending off zombies I guess but how many are up on the moon? From moon to tranzit time has passed as well as die rise and burried. If they were still alive what are they doing just watching richtofen and not doing anything? I dont know but it that quote from mob of the dead seems to imply that things did not go well for them. We do know samanatha is alive but not of the others. Hopefuly we will find out what has happened to them.

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                    this theory is freaking stupid first thing transit isn't a map transit is a game mode so fear teddy basically means nothing their are a bunch of things going on right know for one thing at the end of the buried easter egg maxis says he is going to argatha to find samantha and he clearly said that  neither the earth or it's people well surive which automatically means  our crew dies their was these thing about samuel killing the crew and then killing himself I am not sure if thats true but back to my point we don't know if the old crew along with samantha some how are still on moon or they got teleported to argatha through the teleporters on moon that we do not know the funny thing is though at the end of the maxis easter egg rochtofin said something about even if samantha is alive she still has my body which basically means we don't exactly know if the old crew along with samantha are still on moon or they went to argatha they aren't dead though I think we know that for sure also if you take the the first letter of the names of the new crew it spells out mars treyarch never does the same thing twice but hey we well find out next month

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                    Lol If Nikolai controls red eyes zombies, then why don't he tells the 4 characters to bring him vodka?

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                      The Zombies have Red Eyes in Dead Ops Arcade.. Has nothing to do with Nikolai.. I'm guessing the Red Eyes are just the default.. Before Samantha went into the M.P.D.

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                        Know what's fun? Nikolai was burned by a flamethrower in a World at War mission. But Kino is in 1960? Don't  remember And the accident with Nikolai happened in 1945. And der riese was in in 1945, I think. So how can Nikolai fight zombies and Germans at the same time? Because the campaign has nothing to do with zombies. Some people look to far into things. This was not a bad theory at all, though.

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                          this is actually pretty interesting. I had a theory, that the reason Richtofen had blue eyes was because The nazi party believed in a master arien race were everyone had blue eyes. since Nikoali is associated with communist russia, whos national color is red, it could very well be that type of thing.  I did a theroy awhile back on my channel talking about how I thought MOTD took place inside the MPD.

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                            I find it wierd since nikolai is the " Red Menace" and the MOTD eyes are red and weasel says"Nikolai,Nikolai,Nikolai,Nikolai why do I keep hereing this name