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        50. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

        I'm kinda surprised that it didn't get that much attention either. But, since I posted its discovery without anything else definitively explaining why it does what it does, I think people experimented on their own hoping to find why it reacts that way, didn't find anything, and got frustrated- just as I did.


        Sorry to respond 6 months later Been a tad busy.

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          51. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

          DeathBZ- any theoretical capabilities that come to mind, and have ya experimented with this yerself?

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            52. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

            Wow... can't believe I never looked this post over before. That is a really interesting find. Does it still do it? Have you tested it recently? Crazy why going through a portal even causes it to heat up in the first place?


            Could possibly have been an original method for doing the final step to the Richtofen EE or Maxis side that got changed at last minute, but either way, surely there must be a reason for the display!?

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              53. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

              TBH, to me it just looks like they added a HUD while making it, but then changed it for the release so that it was hidden. I doubt that we were even supposed to find it lol.

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                54. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

                If that was the case, then you would have expected them to remove it completey in a hotfix, like they do with most left over stuff.


                They have been doing it since BO1. I would expect that to be addressed also. Still... you never know.

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                  55. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

                  I haven't tested it recently. Last time was probably in May

                  I'm a little confused by yer statement though, as it doesn't heat up when going through a portal...

                  My OP states all the facts perfectly, but the vid I put into the OP later does not do it justice, and the sound is way off (and I didn't fire it- why? dunno).

                  Basically, jump through a portal with the jet gun equipped, and the percentage scale displays.

                  Jump through with it equipped and a denizen on yer head, it won't.

                  Get the display to appear, switch weapons, it disappears.

                  Get the display to appear, get a denizen on yer head, it disappears.

                  You NEED to follow those guidelines or it will go away.

                  Now, why?

                  Like Mega said, which I'm leaning towards, is that it was hidden, or it was supposed to have been removed because the same scale is on the gun itself. But if not, which is also a huge possibility, considering how easy it is to lose the display, what can it be used for? Take into consideration that in my OP I stated that I thought the gun did not overheat as quickly post-display... I should probably re-test and test some more this phenomenon.

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                    56. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

                    Good find with this mate. I done a bit of experimenting with this the other night, first off i activated every portel to see how many jumps i could get in a row and if the display changed in any way, i managed 3 but nothing changed on the display. I tried this again whilst firing the jet gun, managed 4 this time but no dice, i did get the quote from Stu about water vapour but i doubt its anything.


                    I then tried moving the points drop in the bank (with the percentage display showing) again, the display just went up as normal. I was trying to get the points out onto the road to see if Teddy would take it, but as i was playing solo its kinda difficult to drag the drop without it running out while theres a zombie on your ass! lol


                    I also tried killing a denizen with the jet gun but was un-able too.

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                      57. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

                      Sounds like yer headed in the same direction as me nowhere, and quickly.

                      That's the problem I had with experimenting- the lack of help. It became very frustrating trying to run around on solo, doing everything in yer power to keep the display up and active.

                      The other problem was, even if I had help, what the hell should I really try? Ya know?

                      As I haven't yet "Obeyed the Voices" I can't fire at orbs.

                      Other than that, I could fire that thing all day and literally get winded.

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                        58. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

                        Ha, yeah. Going no-where....sssslowly. I still believe theres more to tranzit ee though, there must be a way to get all the perks. Whether treyarch are still to add it or its that super complicated that no genius has found it yet. Dont care what the nay-sayers say...i believe!!!

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                          59. Re: Tranzit- Jet Gun News?

                          I second that buddy.

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