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    At my breaking point for this game.

      I recently have been playing my fair share of black ops 2, and the more I play it I hate it. I am sick and tired of the awful spawns, rage quitters. And the overall game itself . Let me explain.


      I enjoy Treyarch`s cods and Call of duty in general but this is a view from someone who plays other games and not just dedicated to COD.


      I usually play domination, ffa, team deathmatch, and some other game types mixed in. They all have the same problem awful spawns. I have had nothing but spawn for a person to be staring at me or spawn to be shot in the back. I completely understand it can be hard for the spawning system to see when a person was looking at my spawn, but this should never happen. The system is supposed to analyze all people and things on the map to spawn you in a safe but easy to get into the action position. But to me the only action im getting is killed repeatedly out of my spawn. These seem like things that should have been fixed years ago.


      Playing domination is a joke...your down by ten points better dashboard to preserve that W/L. I come from a fighting game background where you take your loss all while trying to get better by learning your opponent. All I see when I play domination and I am losing badly is my whole team quits leaving me all alone. my W/L is barely 1.00 and I don`t care it`s a game meant for fun not for pro level stats.I just want people who rage quit to be punished if I don`t leave why should you leave and get off free. Yes you can get a timeout but I want your record to show maybe an icon indicating if you quit or not. Then that way I don`t even want to start the game with you.This problem should have already been adressed. These are just some reasons I say im at my breaking point. Other things that irritate me with these issues. The constant spawn trapping with 1000 tatical insertions with my whole team quitting is absurd . How can one person possibly kill 12 people. With terrible spawns and my whole team quitting it`s just not fun anymore, and I think that`s just it fun.


      I don`t feel like it`s fun to play because people take it so seriously. In my opinion the overall serousness is killing this game for me. This game is just no fun anymore I have seen too many people take this game too seriously. Rage quitting to preserve their W/L. Try for an amazing K/D Resetting upwards of 20 times. What happened to the fun enjoyable Cod. Or am I just to casual to understand anymore.


      I hope to hear your thoughts as im curious how others feel about these kind of things.

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          I feel your pain mate, I think the reason most people rage quit is to do with the dreaded host advantage/disadvantage....


          A lot of deaths in this game feel unfair compared to other releases, I'm on the fence so to speak. All I know is that I don't enjoy this game as much as MW2 which I still play because I mainly play FFA and the spawns on MW3 & Blops2 seem to be really unfair.


          Maybe its because the maps are smaller....

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            Blame YT, blame MLG, blame 3arc trying to make this an esport. Now everyone only cares about stats all the time to prove they are better than someone else. It is not about fun anymore. It is about being a tryhard and beating your opponent and then bragging about it because it makes you awesome and cool and uber leet and to be feared by all the puny worthless newbs.


            People cant play this game just to play it for furn anymore. Its all about ego pandering, bragging, epeen, vanity and pride. Things that have no place in video games and never did. But with the creation of stats to track, and leaderboards it changed. Now everyone has to be the best for if they are not then they suck as a gamer, they are trash, they are a noob.


            And since the game does not have live stat tracking they dashboard to pad and protect their stats to make themself look better than what they are so they can brag about it and then make yt montages showing off their uber leet mlg pro gaming skillz to pay the billz.

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                I think some people can take enjoyment from stats in a good way but I suspect it has largely negative impact.  Sometimes when players have a bad game I give them positive feedback on XBL.  This isn't me hoping to stomp on them in the future because they're noobs or whatever but, with all the focus on stats and people using it to bash others, it is something I guess.


                Someone I play with on my friend's list takes the stats quite seriously but then he played Quake competitively so I don't know if that has influenced the way he is.  When he joined me in TDM and I finished top like 20-4 or whatever it was on Raid saying I was the most productive player in the party and I was like IDGAF.  I started going back to Gears for more fun.  Even playing on Horde which can get bit overkill playing it for hours on end.  At least I don't have to worry about going 'negative' and all that nonsense.

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                    Stats should never been public. It should have only been for personal use so a player could see if they were improving or not and not to brag about or use to prove they were better than someone else. Once that became the common use for them the quality of players in this and every other game that has stats has degraded to a very low place.


                    It is just a game, not life and death, not real; yet so many players try to act like it is. that if they are not better than somone else than it must be that others persons fault for cheating some how.


                    I find it sad really that anyone needs to brag about how well they do in a video game.. I guess their life is so sad that this is all they have to show for it.. which is even sadder really.


                    The level of epeen pride and vanity that has become the normal in games today is just disgusting really. it is meant for enjoyment and to escape form reality and just have fun. Not to prove you are some super uber leet pro that can pub stomp everyone else.


                    If a person needs that to feel good about themself then they got some serious mental and emotional issues to deal with...

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                  I'm upset at this game just as you are bro. Treyarch has this ego like they are the greatest to come since canned bread. They seem to develop this since BO1. They think their game is the best when it is trash. IW is probably the better devs than Treyarch even after West and Zampella left, I still was able to enjoy MW3.


                  Rage quitting, dashboarding, and hacking will continue to stay unless since the audience of COD have gotten stronger. You can't really blame leaderboards because leaderboards has been in the COD series since COD2 if I'm not mistaken. Blame the audience that COD appeals to, which are the little kids. Hell, Pokemon appeals to grown ups more than COD does.

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                    Didn't mean to put unless right there in the second paragraph. I'm using my phone and it won't let me edit.

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                      I pretty much agree. I switched to League Play because of the BS in other modes. Sure it's tough and almost 100% tryhards but most of the stuff you mentioned just doesn't happen there. It's hard to spawn trap or killwhore in a 4v4 match. I think the biggest problem is that the standard is just way higher than it used to be, people have been playing COD for 1000s of hours at this point and know every little cheap trick and exploit. Treyarch can only adjust the spawns so much and people just work out away to lock them down or force them anyway.

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                        Listen, not trying to bash your post. But I just switched over from MW3, and the issues you've described are are 10x worse there. Playing this now feels like FPS heaven by comparison. So maybe go play that for a while and then come back and you will enjoy this more.

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                          Spawn Trapping is no problem for me because I have only been spawn trapped in this game....




                          You can leave if you want but dont blame your poor gameplay on the game.

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                              Im glad you read one paragraph thanks for your input.

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                                  I only ANSWERED that one paragraph.


                                  They gave players probation for quitting games so what more do you want them to do ? Blow up peoples Xboxes ?


                                  you dont like people that quit ? They gave you an AVOID button for a reason.


                                  Next Xbox the Avoid button will put the players into their own quitting lobbies.


                                  Even though I hate quitters people still do have the right to quit. Even if they took the leave game option out of the game how are they going to prevent people from pulling the plug ? Electrocute them ?

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                                      I was venting frustration at rage quitting did I say execute them...NO. You know what they should do though...Putting an icon next to their name or something like that to tell players that they quit. Wish i would have written that in the OP.....OH WAIT! Thanks for your input

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                                          Then EVERY player would have an icon next to their name.


                                          The game counts losing a connection the same as quitting. I have lost a dozen connections maybe since the game started but I have never quit, so should I be labeled as a quitter ?


                                          Besides only the PETs at Xbox Live are allowed to label a player. They label them as cheaters permanently on their gamertag.

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                                              starbuckfrack wrote:


                                              Then EVERY player would have an icon next to their name.



                                              What he means is those who quit (persistently) the ones who earn probation quit many more times than what someone does normally. I would welcome something that identifies those who abuse quitting with some emblem or stat, and we should be given the option to boot them from the lobby if they appear or let them play with others who quit allot.

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                                      Playing solo in BO2 can be a nightmare and if your random teammates are constantly rage quitting, it's time you found a group of players to party up with.


                                      I don't mean go find the best players but find those who are like you when it comes to playing COD. In your case, players who don't quit matches and just want to have fun without worrying about their stats.


                                      Personally, I don't have much fun unless I'm with a couple of mates due to some of your reasons.


                                      With the spawn issues, I don't think it'll ever get better unless we get larger maps to cater to better spawn placements. This is with any game modes by the way.

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                                          Playing solo is frustrating yeah.


                                          I don't even play for the win anymore, but I cannot enjoy the game if we're being held in our spawn (not spawn trapped, but we can't get out to even touch the B flag longer than 2 seconds).


                                          Reason? Bad teammates. They don't seem to understand, for example, that in domination the B flag is not in the house beside your spawn. Yet they still go double negative and the enemy gets a VSAT.  Now how in the fuxk does a person actually negatively contribute to their team. Blows my mind.

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                                          Actually a good post and I understand your frustrated, we all have been. There are some pretty good replies especially regarding stats not being public (trials), imo stats are completely irrelevent, my stats are awful but I consider myself to be a good domination player so I don't really care. Vims also said it pretty clear, playing solo BO2 can be god awful.


                                          Starbuck will always stick up for the game, doesn't matter the situation, I'm surprised you didn't get the TOS lecture. Wait for it..................


                                          For the op to only have a few posts, it's actually not a bad read, especially coming from a "casual" player in BO2 at least, sheds some light on a few of his opinions, imo not really a bad thing.


                                          If your up for some dom games pm me your gt and will get some in