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    NationofAssassins is recruiting! (ps3 clan)

      Name: NationofAssassins

      Lvl: 39


      Clan kd 1.59

      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy

      Co leader: xxchris1y235

      Requirements: 1.60 kd or higher,but anyone can tryout



      Were looking for team orientated players that are active daily, and play the objective. Were active daily and do clan ops and clan challenges. We play many game modes. Such as kc,dom,tdm,dem,ctf,hq,gf,and sometimes hardpoint. So theres room for any objective you like. We also do clan battles and have members in the clan that does league play,so if your interested in any of that then what are you waiting for? Join today! Heres the link https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2275418