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      I of course saved this damn LMG for my last to get diamonds, and I am kicking myself for it. I can get bloodthirsty and multi kill medals no problem, but I am struggling with the headshots!! I honestly seem to get them more often firing from the hip... The weapon is already maxed out, and i am still sitting at 70... I usually rock the reflex, foregrip, and FMJ with quick hands and dexterity, but I am willing to try anything at this point. Any suggestions at this point are greatly appreciated. Cheers!!!


          I've got all the LMG's Diamond on another account and I'd say don't worry about any attachment accept for quick draw and laser sight...maybe stock and extended mags are always a plus because this gun burns ammo fast. Perks don't really apply when it comes to head shots IMO. It just takes time really. But firing from the hip with a laser sight attached will help because you just put that laser towards their head and if your ADSing then aim for the chest and let it rip...the recoil on this gun will send it towards the head np. I found it easier to get HS's without a sight at all on it. Hope that helps..GL!

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            I don't use LMG's as a class regularly and got diamond long ago so it's a bit fuzzy- what I do recall is that the QBB was by far my least favorite. Terrible accuracy.


            I know that I ran QD on all LMG's as I rush and believe on the QBB I used FG and reflex with red dot.


            Regardless, good luck. This easily gets my vote for worst gun in the game!

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              try to aim above the shoulders hahahaha lol

              nah took me a while but the easiest way by far is the good old fashion standard red dot site

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                I am doing that gun right now and am on 70 head shots myself. I personally like to play this gun like an AR. For longer range accuracy I burst fire it, with or without a sight, though I did seem to hit a few more head shots than normal without a sight. I always put a stock on, and you are right, hip firing up close bags a few head shots, even when I am not aiming any where near the head!


                I just try to flank, come up behind people camping, make use of anyone that is AFK. Probably the best tactic I use is to pre aim head glitches and such... Almost guaranteed head shots with some quick burst fires. I have found being a bit cheap and using a target finder on LMG's helps spot the head glitchers and campers... People lying prone are easy head shots too.


                Sort version, run flanks and pre aim those head glitches, you should get at least a few each game.

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                  Red dot and Hardcore will do the trick very nicely for you

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                    FMJ and Foregrip aren't all that useful in my opinion but they don't hurt either.  The RDS or my fav the EOTech sight will help the most.  This LMG does take some time to get headshots with so just be patient.


                    PS: I played DOM when I was going for headshots but any gamemode where you can post up and aim will help.

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                      Maybe quickdraw but leave some kick as kick will lead to a headshot.  For me that gun when to gold really quick.  I like silencer and stock and thats all.  I mean all of the attachments will work but I recommend not messing with the recoil.


                      Target Finder for long distance with silencer was good for headshots also- of course.  LMGs are pretty damn easy to get to diamond.

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                        Pleased to say I have diamond on everything and a nice emblem for my trouble :-)

                        I'd go QuickDraw, stock and play Free for all on small maps. Just through regular play you get 3 or 4 per game, don't worry about going for it.

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                          QBB, apply (barrel) directly to the (enemy's) forehead

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                            QBB is my favorite lmg with a permanent loadout slot. My personal setup with this gun went like this:



                            -laser sight




                            for perks ghost, scavenger, dexterity and engineer. i play it like a smg and works pretty good. the laser mitigates quickdraw for close and medium ranges. for ranged headshots its going to take skillful aim.

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                              The QBB was my second, and least favorite, of the LMGs to get Gold. I found that having the Laser Sight and Stock were absolutely necessary. I often used Perk Three Greed as well and used the Red Dot or silencer. It is scary how many more Headshots you get hip firing with the laser sight than actually aiming for the head.

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                                Hardcore is how I got my headshots. Aiming for the head will get you an actual headshot instead of recoiling off their head in core.

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                                  You could use the Target Finder and aim at the tip of the diamond?


                                  I did mine using stock mainly when I have it unlocked and I think it took me 1550 kills to get my 100 headshots.  Aim chest high and they should come.

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                                    The attachments I used was suppressor, quick draw, and stock.


                                    I found the suppressor to be a must. It reduces the muzzle flash so you can actually see the head when you are firing.


                                    And if you are really having a tough time with it try out hard core. That's what I did when I got stuck on a couple weapons.

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                                      As this is by far my favourite LMG, I can safely say this one took me the longest to do as well. You'd expect its fire rate to kick the sights to the head, but the dammed gun just kills too quickly. It took me 1500 kills before I got it gold.


                                      Anyway, to do so, I used Stock and Quickdraw Handle, Flak Jacket and Lightweight, Toughness, Dexterity and Engineer. You could switch out Perk 3 Greed and Engineer for Rapid fire, which is what I do now.