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    What Hacks have you come across???

      Well I normally don't have matches were Hackers are prevelant, but last night I cam across a whole clan of Hackers. One guy was able to appear and disappear at will like som apparition. Another guy was able to move easily through walls. Then one guy had death lock on you from across the map with a tac-9. I mean lately I haven't been doing so hot on this game but to through hackers in the mix just really erks me. I'm just wondering if any of you have run in to the hacking crowd?

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          you really should go to your theater more and provide this as proof. I want to believe it, but far too many players claim a thing and it was all there own exaggeration.


          But for your threads sake: Only "glitch" is the Prestige master one nothing else.


          The true "hacks" are in games such as MW2.

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            render the video! from your theater provide it and no doubt activision will look into it

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                I got into a modded S&D lobby where you would get all your scorestreaks without doing anything, some people would have moon jump and they would teleport one team into one location where you couldn't move and the hacker would kill you, and also every two seconds the host would change I guess so you couldn't find out who the hacker was. I was lucky I didn't get banned cause some people said they reported me so even though I didn't do anything.

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                I am seeing the "appearing and disapearing" at will thing more often lately. You go to shoot someone and it's clear they are going to die then suddenly they disapear and your like "wow, rage quitter", but then a momnet later the same guy spawns or comes around the corner right behind you from out of nowhere and kills you shooting you in the back. I see LOTS of the moon jumps and the drop-shots where they are standing still but suddenly are instantly on the ground (no middle kneeling position) and are shooting you.


                I was doing a search for a stock replacement controller on eBay the other night because the spring in one of my control sticks is starting to feel week and  ....Wow, just Wow... Type in "Xbox 360 Controller" and there are 2x more modded models that come up in the search results than stock models and for little or sometimes no extra cost. Some of then are programmable and claiming to do over 200+ different special things. One of them was even a "Black Ops II Edition", especially modified for use with Black Ops II according to the title.


                I clicked on the $69 BO2 edition one just to see what these things can actually do and amongst the listed features are; Ultra-Rapid Fire with any weapon, Jitter Rapid Fire for burst fire and semi auto weapons, Auto-Aim and fire, Auto-Aim and fire while jump-shotting, Auto-Aim and Fire while drop shotting, Auto-aim and fire while side-jumping, Auto breath-control and fire with auto-aim for sniper rifles, Ultra-fast reload, Unlimited ammo on some model guns (no reloading), auto zig-zag while sprinting with ultra-fast auto fire and auto-aim. I mean seriously, the list JUST for what it could do in BO2 was like 15 things long any one of which would give the player a noticable advantage but these things let the user setup multiple things at the same time.


                Made me feel almost stupid to spend the $49 for a stock Xbox controller. Honorable that I'm not a cheater, but almost stupid in that for $20 more I could have had all those cool features and maybe not get killed so much by the people who do have them. I'd rather have my honor and pride though.

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                  Now I have seen the god-mode hacks in the game and areas where you can stab from 30 feet away. I have actually seen these in real games. These things were noticed by the devs and patched.


                  Now these were hacks that they had in games where you were INVITED into a modded lobby, not something you can fall into. If you were invited into these lobbies just accepting an invite and playing the game can get you banned from Xbox Live. MS has all records of correspondence sent thru XBL.


                  But they wont do anything about hacks unless they see some actual videos.

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                    The only Hacks I've seen are some of the teammates I've had to play with.

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                      I haven't encountered one for quite some time but I have been in a few before. 

                      One where some guy was able to call in a Warthog amd VTOL within the first 15 seconds of the game.

                      Another where I just kept spawning in the middle of the map, couldn't move while the other spawn killed my team(I only stayed for about 30 seconds). 

                      There was also a guy that had a class setup with a pick 16 or maybe more because he had 6 perks as well as a weapon with 3 attachments, full tactical and lethal.

                      I reported the suspect players and moved on.

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                        I was in a game of FFA where one guy was standing on the raftors in the barn on Standoff and everyone in the lobby was spawning right in front of the hay bails and he was just aimed down on us shooting and killing us as we spawned in. My first instinct was to just back out, which I did, so I was unable to record it in theater and render it. It has not happened since.

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                          Oh yea, that's one I see quite a bit too, the game starts and even before your team gets fully away from the initial spawn point here come big score streaks from the other side at you or from one of your guys toward the other side. You look at the score and it's still 0/0 or maybe 1/3 or something like that, in any case no where near high enough for either side to have even a UAV, much less big scorestreaks.

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                            seen players have normal looking stats only to look at there killstreak usage and see 1.25734/Nth power or similiar, dont exactly remember.  same with the number of kills from usage.  not sure if it was glitch or what. 

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                              Worst thing I've seen since MW2 is a modded controller. I haven't run into a bona fide hacker, or even a lag switcher. Not doubting their existance, they are just pretty rare. A lot of what I've read on here sounds attributable to lag or lag-spikes. I'd like to see some clips of the appearing and disappearing thing personally.


                              I've been accused of hacking when it turned out I had a connection advantage *shrug* everyones so quick to cry cheat these days, it makes me very skeptical of anything I haven't seen with mine own two eyes. Some clips would be nice, probably best to send em via PM though...