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    Call of Duty comments and wishlist

      First off my comments  about Call of Duty


      Now I like to approach the always prominent 'lag' complaints. Now ive been on the recieving end of this and I'm saying that in Black ops 2 it was HORRIBLE. but it is hard to accommodate every one of the million players who plays the game. Simply put the lag was only bad when I had bad connectgion due to AT&T U-verse. Now when I use my xfinity I NEVER lag.  So their server isn't necessarily bad it could just be your internet connection itself. You cant connect to a host well or what not but there is a way to find better matches according to your internet so don't be ignorant and not use it.


      We can all agree the guns in Black Ops 2, were complete disasters and highy underpowered. Now I manage a 3+ KD on 4 Accounts but it still angers me when I use a gun like a M8A1 or the AN-94 miss no bullets and literally put 8-12 blllets into a guy and e can still live and turn and kill me. The shotguns,  and the pistols are WAY overpowered. No way should a 3 round burst pistol one burst you. AT ALL> Nor should a 5-7 or Tac-45 kill you in 2-3 bullets. The shotguns are basically assualt rifles in the game. They got great distance and kill you in one shot 9/10 with the addition of long barrel it is absolute nonsense for it to be like that.


      Now although they may just be rumors, and we can only speculate for the time being, the hing is you must commend Infinity Ward for what they trying to do with campers. For  thy have made new additions like interactive maps, that may destroy a camper, and the fact that you lose poiints are a point streak point for camping to long. They adding sliding and being able to peek around a corner just incase someone is laying on the ground ready for you to turn the corner. Tactics that help COD be a better game. Unlike Treyarch who added things that benefitted the campers such as the Shock charge, or the target finder, or assualt shields that can be implanted in the ground and others, even though they tried decreasing it by making ghost only active when you are moving which is effective and a great idea.


      Now rumor has it about Infinity Ward's always famous gun streaks like the Nuke or the MOAB, and its spreading fast about a 35 Kill gunstreak called a Kinectic strike I believe that destroys and disable electronic and kills the people throughout the game. Now that soundds amazing and all but the catch is you can only do it solo you ant be in a party to get one. Which sucks having to be stuck with randoms who dont know what they are doing its hard enough to go 30-0 with just a gun.


      Now on my wishlist, It would be great that like they did for Black Ops 2  where they introduced a new gun. Many people bought the maps just for that like me. I hated the Revolution mas they all sucked, but I wanted the peacekeeper so I got it. I loved the hybrid idea and how it was powered but not over powered the ads was slick and the design was crafty. IT would be great to get more guns through DLC it gives us people who buy the season pass a more reason to want it. Also with the map packs, i hated the idea where we are getting recyced maps. If you are going to recycle a map do what IW did and gie it to us FOR FREE. Terminal was free. Why am I paying extra money for reused maps that i played a few games back? Thats a waste of money.


      I loved the idea of new prestieges it always brings back the hardcore gamers like myself to have fun and prestiege more and we wont get bored of the game. Like in MW# the new prestieges brught alot of people back. but in black ops 2 due to its underpowered guns, prestiege glitches, the game was pratically abandoned in late January by most of the good extreme gamers, like me. there was no point in going on once we did prestiege master, without glitching. Gettign guns diamond. and all that.



      Also dealing with scorestreaks/killstreaks, I hate the fact that it takes so long to get a scorestreak , I mean 5 for a UAV/ come on. B? 10 for a Stealth CHopper? And then when you get your high nd killstreaks they are taken down in literally SECONDS. I hate that the only reliable killstreak is the Orbital VSAT. If you are going to make a KS hard to earn, make it worth the effort. Plus stp putting all the good KS at the end of the levels right when we prestiege because then there is no point and hardly anytime to use the before you prestiege.

      ]Now I know PS4 and Ps3 servers will be connected according to the SONY CEO but will that affect gameplay?


      Anyway lemme know what you guys think.