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    DLC 4 info (Spoilers)

      The new Zombies map will be called "Toilet".

      The old crew will not return, but we will get 4 new characters: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Adolf Hitler and Santa Claus.


      The map features a new Wonder Weapon, which is a big speacher. It has to charge up, and when you fire it, it plays Justin Bieber's "Baby" and all Zombies go and kill themselves.


      The story continues from Buried, and Richtofen returned to his body. When he returned to Earth, Misty b*tch-slapped him, and now Misty is in the control of the Zombies.


      Here's spoilers for the main Easter Egg, so stop reading if you dont' want to spoil the super mega Easter Egg.

      In the end of the Easter Egg, Misty will come back down to Earth and show off her breasts.


      I hope you're as exited as I am!


      And I hope you had a laugh!